6:14 PM EDT, Tue June 28, 2016

Vikings QB Shaun Hill: Flag football, not tackle, is best for younger players

Vikings backup quarterback Shaun Hill has placed himself at the center of football’s most important story: player safety. He’s an employee of a league that has spent recent years defending its reputation and history as it relates to concussions and overall brain health. But he’s also a father of two very young boys — he’s shown here pictured with Theo, then 18 months old, at last year’s training camp in July — and has roots in a small Midwest town. Parsons, Kansas — a town of 10,000 and from what I remember of a long ago youth baseball tournament I played there, the very...
Niners Nation May 29, 2016

How confident should you be in the 49ers running game?

I think Carlos Hyde has what it takes. But should I? Moving on from veteran running back Frank Gore couldn't have been an easy decision for the San Francisco 49ers, even when you factor in the fact that the NFL is a business above all else. He's a player who meant a lot to the fanbase and the organization on multiple levels, but he's also a player who always gave the 49ers a credible threat when the offense took the field. When J.T. O'Sullivan started at quarterback, Gore made defenses scared. When Shaun Hill and Alex Smith slugged it out for the starting job, Gore was the only constant --...

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