10:20 PM EDT, Thu May 26, 2016
Baltimore Beatdown 10 hours ago

Will Steve Smith keep his role as the Ravens leading receiver?

The 37-year-old receiver is returning, but how will he do? In December, Steve Smith announced that he would not be retiring after the 2015 season ended, as he originally said, but that he would instead return to play in 2016. This will be Steve Smith's 16th season in the NFL and his third with the Ravens. During his Ravens tenure, he has been the #1 receiver on the depth chart. Will that stay the same in 2016 though? Steve Smith is 37. There's only been one receiver in the history of the NFL to play at the level of a number one receiver at that age and his name was Jerry Rice, who you might...
Cat Scratch Reader May 17, 2016

What is the best third round pick the Panthers have made?

Just kidding, it's Steve Smith. As you probably already know, there won't be a vote this week because it's obvious Steve Smith is the best third round pick the Panthers have ever made. His margin of victory is so great that the only way he could be disqualified from winning is if we added a stipulation saying the winner had to play their entire career with the Panthers (sad face). So, yeah. There's really no reason to waste time voting on this, and since we don't want to allow trolls an opportunity to vote for someone else we're skipping straight to the point this week and declaring Smith...
CSN Baltimore May 4, 2016

Toronto politician flames Heat fans, American voters after Raptors lose Game 1

A Toronto city councellor got sick of Miami fans trashing the Raptors in his Twitter mentions, so he hit back with a timely burn on American politics. 
CSN Baltimore May 4, 2016

Nats look to bounce back against Royals with Strasburg on the mound

Nats (18-8) vs. Royals (14-12) at Kauffman StadiumTuesday night was a tough loss for the Nationals, as they saw Jonathan Papelbon blow a two-run lead in
CSN Baltimore May 4, 2016

Ravens give Steve Smith a lightsaber in incredible May the 4th video

Its not even noon and the Ravens have already won the Internet for today.The team account tweeted out an incredible video of Steve Smith and Bengals
CSN Baltimore May 4, 2016

How big of an upset would it be if Man City beats Real Madrid in the UCL?

Would a City win be no bigger a surprise than what Atletico Madrid accomplished against Bayern Munich on Tuesday?

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