9:34 AM EST, Fri November 28, 2014
Baltimore Sun Nov 12, 2014

Pace slowing, production declining for Steve Smith in past four games

When veteran wide receiver Steve Smith joined the Ravens in March, the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver had designs on proving the Carolina Panthers had made a mistake by cutting him.
Baltimore Beatdown Oct 29, 2014

NFL says Steve Smith interfered, majority on this site agree

54 percent of those that voted agree that Steve Smith was guilty of offensive pass interference this past Sunday. On Tuesday, the NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino went on his company's network to say that Steve Smith did in fact commit offensive pass interference on what otherwise would have been an 80-yard touchdown to potentially win the game. Smith did make contact with safety George Iloka, though how much and the extent of whether Iloka flopped or not has been debated since. But as Blandino said, the rule, the way it's written at least, sides against Smith and the...

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