7:08 AM EST, Fri November 28, 2014
philly.com Nov 4, 2014

Revisiting the 2004 Eagles: Game 9

Terrell Owens and Nicollette Sheridan stole the show when the Eagles demolished the Cowboys, 49-21.

NFL Player News

  • 8 Tony Romo

    Tony Romo

    Garrett never considered sitting Tony Romo

  • 7 LeSean McCoy

    LeSean McCoy

    LeSean McCoy after posting season-high rushing day against Cowboys: ‘Dallas gets a lot of hype’

  • 4 Calvin Johnson

    Calvin Johnson

    Bears tried it cover Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson one-on-one with a rookie, and it went badly

  • 3 Matthew Stafford

    Matthew Stafford

    Detroit Lions postgame: Matthew Stafford and his offense awaken, storm past Bears

  • 3 Colt McCoy

    Colt McCoy

    What is the best-case scenario for the Redskins and Colt McCoy?