10:42 PM EDT, Sat June 25, 2016
Mile High Report Jun 24, 2016

Restoring an historic rivalry - Broncos v. Raiders

Broncos versus Raiders is about to become a relevant rivalry again. Good morning, Broncos Country! I am so over the offseason. Like, over over. Nothing I hate more than senseless drama, endless debates or stupid rankings. On the other hand, there's nothing I love more than reminiscing about great moments in Broncos history - whether it's the glory days of decades past or recent awesomeness (more Super Bowl 50 anyone?) - and the offseason is perfect for that. So set aside your defense of Tebowmania and pay zero attention to the latest attempts to make the Von Miller contract impasse more...
Mile High Report Jun 23, 2016

HT: Offseason debates - was Tim Tebow comparable to John Elway?

Here it is, ladies and gents. Welcome to the offseason in all its glory. I've got a fun discussion today for your to dig into and kick around. So we're all chilling the other day and a staff member who I won't name starts trying to make a point: If people want to say that Prater was the big reason that Tebow won comebacks, then you have to take away the same type of comebacks from one John Elway. ... Chaos ensued in our normally peaceful chat room. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. --- This is why we can't have nice things in the summer. THIS is what we get to...
Tim Tebow visits former high school teammate wounded in Orlando shooting

Tim Tebow visits former high school teammate wounded in Orlando shooting

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow visited his former high school football teammate who was wounded in the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Fan stories from Atwal Father’s Day contest

The Buffalo Bills and Atwal Eye Care are proud to announce the runner up winners of our annual Father’s Day Contest! Congratulations to Joshua Bates, Stephen LoGrasso, Jr. and Joseph Cardinale, whose Bill-themed father/child memories earned them each one autographed mini helmet! Joshua Bates: Christmas Eve, 2011 – the Bills were playing Tim Tebow and […]
Mile High Report May 29, 2016

Horse Tracks: Is there a quarterback controversy in Denver?

The short answer is no. The long answer is below. As fans, we will all clamor around the quarterback we think gives the Denver Broncos the best chance to win. For me personally, it was Jake Plummer in 2006 and Tim Tebow in 2011. This time, I'm going with Paxton Lynch and I won't be afraid to express that opinion. The controversy is really among us fans. The Broncos coaching staff is going to let OTAs and Training Camp play out, then see these guys in action during the preseason before ultimately naming their opening day starter. Right now, it appears to be Mark Sanchez's job to lose. As...
Windy City Gridiron May 27, 2016

Chicago Bears' John Fox ranked 12th among his peers

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox is a proven winner. I already know what some of you are thinking, 'But he has yet to win the big one!' Sure, but winning a championship in any sport is a pretty exclusive club. Fox has lead two different teams to the Super Bowl, which is another pretty exclusive club. In seven of his 14 years as a head coach, he's had his team in the playoffs, that's not too shabby. Jake Delhomme, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning have been his offensive trigger-men on his playoff teams. Fox is knocked at times because of his conservative approach, but he's a defensive guy, and...

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    Vinny Curry

    Vinny Curry could be the key to Eagles' defense

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    Tony Stewart

    Buffalo Bisons running a Deflategate promo night at the ballpark

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    Where will Jets get cap space to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick? | Mailbag

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    Seahawks’ Russell Wilson flies Ciara around Seattle in helicopter

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    Robert Griffin III of the Cleveland Browns slides toward training camp and starting at quarterback: Crowquill

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