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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Tom Brady's Got Wheels vs Rob Gronkowski Dragging Half the Team

The Troy Brown division takes on the second round! 2. Tom Brady's Got Wheels Tom Brady running will never get old. I mean, it's fairly young in its existence. Brady running might have shown flashes of brilliance in the past, but it was a majestic unicorn. To have the scramble as an expectation? Darrelle Revis was still a Buccaneer when the Brady scramble didn't exist. Dominique Easley still had an ACL or two before the Brady scramble. Come to think of it, Rob Gronkowski and Easley probably each had to give an ACL to Brady to allow him to scramble. It's the only justifiable reason. Do your...
Pats Pulpit Feb 25, 2015

2015 GIF of the Year: Gronk Loves to Dance vs Tom Brady WOOOOO

The final match-ups of the opening round! 8. Gronk Loves to Dance Rob Gronkowski loves to beat the Colts. He's personally 5-0 against them. He could probably beat them 11-1. He didn't like how Sergio Brown was running his mouth, or how he felt disrespected by Indianapolis. Bill Belichick put it perfectly when he yelled at Gronk that the Colts "can't tackle you! They can't ****ing tackle you!" At this point, when you're in the other team's house and winning by roughly 80 points, all you can do is dance. Dance away, Gronk. Dance away. 9. Tom Brady WOOOOO WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!...
Boston Globe Feb 25, 2015

Tom Brady Stays Great With Big Vince Wilfork on His Back

How does a champion quarterback successfully work out in the offseason? With his 325-pound teammate helping him out.
Pats Pulpit Feb 24, 2015

2015 GIF of the Year: Tom Brady's Flying Block vs Musket Guitars

The seventh seeds take over. 7. Tom Brady's Flying Block It's still very hard to believe that the Patriots almost lost to the Raiders. It's also more than evident that the New England struggles didn't stem from lack of trying. Julian Edelman throws a block to open the GIF, and then quarterback Tom Brady throws one of his own. Oh, and then Kenbrell Thompkins played in this game, against his current team. At the time, it felt like Brady's recklessness resulted from a bubbled up frustration over how the offense couldn't string together consecutive positive plays. The line was atrocious,...
Pats Pulpit Feb 24, 2015

New England Patriots Links 2/24/15 - Locking Up a Ghost

Daily News and Links for 2/24/15 TEAM TALK Patriots Super Bowl XLIX records set or tied in the game.  /Good read. Erik Scalavino Offseason position spotlight: Safety - Cornerback - Quarterback. Briana Palma re-posts a pic of the Seattle mascot wearing a Tom Brady jersey after losing a bet. From the NFL - 2015 NFL Scouting Combine: Pro Winners and Losers. (5.14 min. video) LOCAL LINKS Mike Reiss proposes a contract for Stephen Gostkowski. Jeff Howe picks out some Patriots takeaways from the NFL Combine. Ryan Hannable tells us five things we learned at the NFL Combine from a...
Pats Pulpit Feb 24, 2015

Patriots Ranked Dead Last in Week 3 of 2001

Want to know how the Patriots were viewed before the Tom Brady era? (h/t to Drew Bledsoe Has No Nickname) Do you remember what it felt like after the 2001 Week 2 game against the Jets? Do you remember when newly minted franchise quarterback Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury that was supposed to derail the season? Do you remember when the direction of the entire Patriots franchise changed? This was soon after 9/11 and the NFL postponed the Week 2 match-ups until the end of the season, meaning that September 23rd was an usually late Week 2 game. Bledsoe went down. Tom Brady stepped in....
Pats Pulpit Feb 24, 2015

2015 GIF of the Year: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum vs Chris Jones Vertical

The sixth seeds play host! 6. Opposite Ends of the Spectrum This one GIF sums up every single emotion that every single person watching the game felt. There's no in between. You were either thrilled that the Patriots won and the Seahawks lost (New England fans, the NFC), or you were heart broken that the Patriots won and the Seahawks lost (Seattle fans, the AFC). I have no idea what reaction the cameraperson was expecting with the focus on Richard Sherman, but this had to exceed every possible expectation. Tom Brady jumping up and down like a pogo stick is silly and happy and I love it....
Pats Pulpit Feb 22, 2015

2015 GIF of the Year: Bill Belichick Laughs At Controversy vs A Hoomangous Catch

The 5th seed takes over! 5. Bill Belichick Laughs At Controversy I stand in full support of Mike Giardi asking Bill Belichick whether or not the Patriots were going to address the quarterback position after the Chiefs game. Look at the context of the question- Tom Brady hasn't looked good all season (and yes that's probably a lot due to the offensive line). He laid two consecutive stinkers against the Raiders and the Chiefs. He was forcing passes that rookies wouldn't even consider throwing. Brady was benched late into the game. Or "sat down" since the game was over. Either way, the...
Boston Herald Feb 22, 2015
The super-charged six

The super-charged six

There were just six players who started all 19 games for the Super Bowl champion Patriots in the 2014-15 season — two on offense and four on defense. Here, in alphabetical order, are the Super Six, and those who fell just one start short of starting all 19 regular-season and postseason games:THE IRONMENPos Player GSQB Tom Brady 19S Devin McCourty 19DE Rob Ninkovich 19CB Darrelle Revis 19LT Nate Solder 19DL Vince Wilfork 19ONE START SHORTS Patrick Chung 18LB Jamie Collins 18
Boston Herald Feb 22, 2015
Patriots could use repeat Corey Dillon-like pickup

Patriots could use repeat Corey Dillon-like pickup

The Patriots made all the right moves to build a championship team this past season. Bill Belichick & Co. cobbled together the perfect mix of 53 players.Now, let’s see how they can keep the ball rolling toward repeating.Already, we’ve been hearing privately how much Belichick and Tom Brady want to add to the treasure chest, and tack on Championship No. 5.
Pats Pulpit Feb 21, 2015

2015 NFL Combine: Day Five Results, Updates, and Reports - Patriots Open Thread

The NFL Combine is underway and we'll be using this thread for live updates! Today marks one of the busiest day of the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine: quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs have their on-field workouts. The Patriots are not in the market for a quarterback, they are set with Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and second year man Jimmy Garoppolo, but may very well look at both the receivers and the running backs to bolster their depth at the respective positions. The most notable names to be on the Lucas Oil field today are quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, wide...
Pats Pulpit Feb 21, 2015

2015 GIF of the Year: Tymsanity vs Defensive Tidal Wave

The 4th seeds take over! 4. Tymsanity TOM BRADY TO RANDY MOSS! BUT IT ISN'T RANDY! IT'S BRIAN TYMS!!! Brady would try this throw, like, five other times during the year and nothing really happened. But this...this happened. Brady threw it into triple coverage, but Tyms just wanted the ball more than the Bills defender. He made an insane catch. This was the start of a beautiful season by Tyms, where he started his streak of six straight 100+ yard games and...oh, sorry. I was dreaming. Tyms really didn't do much on field after this play as the Patriots tried to introduce Aaron Dobson back...
Pats Pulpit Feb 20, 2015

2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Tom Brady's Hateful Run vs Nate Solder is a Former Tight End

The third seeds play host! 3. Tom Brady's Hateful Run Do you remember when this happened? This was the first time that Tom Brady said screw it, I'm running the ball and this was the first time he came up yelling all season. After the game, I called this moment the time that Brady decided he was going to beat the Bengals. In reality, this is probably the moment where the Patriots decided they were going to win the Super Bowl. If Brady is ever scrambling, it means trouble for the opposing team. I still can't believe that's now a thing. 14. Nate Solder is a Former Tight End This touchdown...
Pats Pulpit Feb 19, 2015

2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Shorthanded Trickeration vs Danny Amendola Redemption Tour

The third seeds play host! 3. Shorthanded Trickeration Tom Brady throws this pass in under two seconds. This is crazy fast. Oh, this is also the play where tight end Michael Hoomanawanui lines up in the left tackle position as an eligible receiver, while Shane Vereen lines up in the near-side slot as an ineligible receiver. The Ravens have no idea what's going on. Watch 57 of the Ravens, running across the formation to make sure Vereen is covered. He sees Brady throw the ball to Hooman and just stops running. Completely flummoxed. Terrell Suggs thinks he gets a free release at Tom Brady,...

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