12:17 PM EDT, Mon March 30, 2015
Boston Globe Mar 29, 2015

Tom Brady Plays Some Pickup Basketball With Michael Jordan

No big deal, just two of the greatest pro athletes of all time getting in some run in the Bahamas.
Express-Times Mar 29, 2015
Cliff-jumper Tom Brady played basketball with Michael Jordan, too

Cliff-jumper Tom Brady played basketball with Michael Jordan, too

Tomorrow, he plays street hockey with Mark Messier?
Denver Post Mar 28, 2015
Watch: Tom Brady post video of cliff jump, scares Patriots fans

Watch: Tom Brady post video of cliff jump, scares Patriots fans

New England Patriots star quarterback is enjoying his time away from the football field this off-season.

Watch: Tom Brady posts video of cliff jump, scares Patriots fans

Tom Brady post video to Facebook page after jumping off 30 foot cliff while on family vacation.
Express-Times Mar 28, 2015

WATCH: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady jumps off a cliff (as Jets fans cheer, 'Do it again!')

What's next ... hot-air ballooning over an electric plant?

Tom Brady opens it up with dive

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks like he's having an enjoyable offseason. In a post on his personal Facebook page Saturday morning, Brady showed video of himself taking a big jump into the water during a recent trip to Costa Rica. He added the following comment: "Never doing that again! #AirBrady The jump is estimated at about 40 feet.
Boston Globe Mar 28, 2015

Tom Brady Goes Cliff Diving and Patriots Nation Loses Its Collective Mind

Boston Sports Legend and Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady -- the man with the golden arm -- took a feet-first dive off a rocky cliff into the water below as shown in a 41-second video posted to his Facebook page Saturday morning.
Pats Pulpit Mar 26, 2015

New England Patriots Links 3/26/15 - Anti-Patriot Missiles Fly at Owners Meeting

Daily news and links for 3/26/15 TEAM TALK Bob Wallace explains why technology and cost are not viable concerns when it comes to the Patriots’ proposal to add cameras to the perimeter of the field and goal lines to improve instant replay. Andy Hart thinks that by saying little to the media, Bill Belichick may have been saying a lot to his Patriots team about getting back to business. Briana Palma re-posts the video of what happened after Tom Brady's kids buried him in the sand. (37 second clip) Patriots Today - Chip Kelly on Bradley Fletcher. (1.12 min. video) Patriots Today - Sean...
Baltimore Beatdown Mar 25, 2015

NFL takes Brady's advice to study rulebook, bans Patriots' ineligibles exploit

NFL studies rulebook and determines that ploy of lining up players with eligible numbers outside the tackle box and declared as ineligible is now explicitly disallowed. After the Ravens' final offensive drive (and Hail Mary) fell short, the Patriots held on to win 35-31 in the AFC Divisional round. Afterwards, Tom Brady, who is often described as the epitome of class and grace, said indignantly after the game, "...maybe they should study the rulebook", in response to a question about the tactic of lining up receivers outside the tackle box declared as ineligible. Brady's sensitivity to the...
Pats Pulpit Mar 25, 2015

Tom Brady and the Patriots Offense are the Best When the Defense Fails

The Patriots quarterback and offense are the best all time at winning when the defense comes up short. There's a fairly largely spread notion that Tom Brady benefits from his defense and that he has over his entire career- and this idea is followed by a postulation that the defense has inflated Brady's value throughout his tenure in New England. It's absolutely true that the Patriots defenses have helped with the franchise's success over the past fifteen years, but to use that as a way to lessen Brady's impact with the offense appears to be disingenuous. Football Perspective's Chase Stuart...

Tom Brady's day at the beach

During the 2014 regular season, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shared thoughts on why he was opening up more on Facebook with personal pictures. "Social media, I’m kind of old school. I’ve been very reluctant over the years. I think over the last couple of months, we’ve tried to show the fans that there may be some fun pictures to share and some other things that have been a part of my life. I think it’s fun for the fans.
Pats Pulpit Mar 21, 2015

The Patriots Keep Getting Younger

The New England Patriots were a notoriously young team to win a Super Bowl. They're actually getting younger. If any football player was secretly Benjamin Button, it would be Tom Brady. No one learns to be a more mobile quarterback at the age of 37, no one changes their workout regimens to become more flexible at the age of 37, and no quarterback is supposed to carry their offense at the age of 37. Old man time is twiddling his thumbs waiting for Brady to slow down, but the quarterback's avocado ice cream shield seems impenetrable. Brady turns 38 on August 3rd and it's important because...
Arrowhead Pride Mar 19, 2015

Kansas City Chiefs defense looks to be very, very good in 2015 ... on paper

What happened in one NFL season does not predict what will happen in the next NFL season. Take the 2008 New England Patriots. They were fresh off a season in which they had destroyed the entire league all season (16-0 in today's league really is a remarkable feat) and come just shy of a Super Bowl (which they only lost due to an incredible pass rush and a couple miraculous plays). They had been the best scoring offense in the league and sported the fourth best scoring defense. They were an unstoppable machine. One Tom Brady knee injury later, they're a decent-but-not-great team that misses...
Boston Herald Mar 19, 2015
Bill Belichick a step ahead

Bill Belichick a step ahead

As the football world and beyond witnessed, Bill Belichick dug deep into his bag of tricks during the Patriots’ AFC divisional playoff game against the Ravens in January.After keeping former college quarterback Julian Edelman’s passing arm under wraps for six years, the Patriots coach finally called his number. That translated into Edelman taking a lateral pass from Tom Brady and hitting fellow wide receiver Danny Amendola with a perfectly thrown 51-yard touchdown bomb.The double-pass was just one of Belichick’s clever maneuvers in the 35-31 victory.

Rory McIlroy was pumping iron with Peyton, Eli and Tom Brady in Augusta

Rory McIlroy, the No. 1 golfer in the world, ran into Peyton and Eli Manning, as well as Tom Brady, in the Augusta National weight room last week.

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