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CSN New England 20 hours ago

Does Jimmy Garoppolo have a better deep ball than Tom Brady?

Andy Hart joins Michael Felger on Sports Tonight to forecast how the Patriots offensive scheme will change with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm.
Pats Pulpit Jul 27, 2016

Josh Gordon and Tom Brady in Week 5 will be must-see football

The return of Tom Brady and Josh Gordon from their respective suspensions means this game is one you absolutely can’t miss. Calling the NFL’s week 5 game between the New England Patriots and the Cleveland Browns "must-see TV" would have been a bad joke just a few months ago.  Now, the game is shaping up to be what your grandpa might refer to as "a real slobberknocker!" (For the kids out there, calling a game "a slobberknocker" is the same thing as saying it’s going to be "LIT".) First off, the U.S. Second Court of Appeals reinstated Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for…something...

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