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Meet Your Favorite Saints Player at the 2014 Pro Bowl

Marriott Rewards has teamed up with former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez of CBS to give back to the most passionate NFL fans across the country. Here's a chance to spend some time at the Pro Bowl in Arizona with your favorite Saints player. Hey Saints fans, now through December 2, 2014, football fans across the country are invited to share their passion for the NFL through 30-sec videos or captioned photos that show an unrivaled spirit for the game and their favorite player. Six lucky fans who can prove they are among the "Most Passionate" will receive the ultimate NFL experience hosted by...

For Jason Witten, only number that matters is wins

IRVING, Texas -- Individually Jason Witten has accomplished more than anybody could have thought possible in his career. He is the Dallas Cowboys’ all-time leading receiver. The only tight end in NFL history with more catches and yards than Witten is Tony Gonzalez. He has played in nine Pro Bowls. He has the NFL record for catches in a season for a tight end with 110 in 2012. But he has one playoff win. As he approaches the final six games of the season, Witten does not much care that he is on pace for the fewest amount of catches (62) and yards (690) since his rookie season.
Arrowhead Pride Oct 30, 2014
James Hasty or Willie Roaf would look good in a Chiefs uniform about now

James Hasty or Willie Roaf would look good in a Chiefs uniform about now

Marshall Faulk is asking Chiefs fans which player from Chiefs history they would take and put on the team today. Okay @SBNation, this one’s for all teams: Add a football legend to your roster. What happens? http://t.co/ZYWdJccARv #GMCPlaybook — Marshall Faulk (@marshallfaulk) October 29, 2014 The Chiefs have a had a lot of greats so you could take a player like Tony Gonzalez or Priest Holmes and they would be great with the team. Tony Gonzalez would probably be my overall choice here. But Tony G. is great and everyone knows it, so let's focus in on the Chiefs three biggest needs...

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