10:20 PM EDT, Wed October 22, 2014
The Falcoholic Oct 16, 2014

Harry Douglas still sidelined with foot injury, timeline for his return is uncertain

Fact: Harry Douglas has regular staring contests with his own reflection The absence of Harry Douglas has significantly affected the Falcons' offense. Caleb Rutherford discussed it a bit in my post about that guy who isn't Tony Gonzalez Levin Toilolo, and I'm going to join in his analysis. Basically Douglas creates space, making the other weapons in the passing game more effective. In his absence, the Falcons become less dynamic, and it's shown. That said, he's still sidelined with a deep bone bruise to his left foot. It's not clear when he will return, and Mike Smith isn't designating any...
The Falcoholic Oct 14, 2014

If Levine Toilolo can't get it done, will the Falcons consider other options in the near future?

Fact: Levine Toilolo's heart beats once a year Levine Toilolo's job isn't easy. Even with the Falcons' switch to an inline tight end, Toilolo was expected to follow in Tony Gonzalez's footsteps. It's an incredible burden the young man is shouldering. But that said, he's been awful this season. Just awful. Per Pro Football Focus, he's rated negatively in the past 5 games. His only positive rating was a +0.2 in week 1 against the Saints. Overall, he has a -13.5 rating, 32/32 tight ends that have played 50 percent of their team's offensive snaps. That rating makes perfect sense, if you think...

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