7:41 PM EDT, Thu August 25, 2016
Mile High Report Aug 17, 2016

The return game - why ball security is paramount

Do you prefer a high risk/high reward returner like Trindon Holliday or a low risk/low reward returner like Jim Leonhard? Turnovers often lead to lost games. The play in any football game that has the greatest chance of leading to a turnover is a punt return. There were 842 turnovers in the regular season last year on 33965 plays from scrimmage (2.47% of all plays resulted in a turnover). There were 2429 punts last season, 1138 of which were fielded by the returner. On those 1138 fielded punts, 87 fumbles occurred (7.64%). So fumbles on fielded punts happened more than three times as often...