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Niners Nation Aug 1, 2015

Colin Kaepernick briefly addresses Vernon Davis, Geep Chryst, screen passes

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback held his first press conference of training camp. He did not have a whole lot to say, but did touch on a few topics of note. In particular, he was asked about mixing in more passes to running backs. He would not go into detail. Here's the full transcript. How are you doing, Colin? "Good. How are you doing?" So you've been here since Monday, what's kind of been the vibe as far as working with the young guys and what have you seen so far in those three days that you've been here? "Like you said, we're just working. Trying to get ready, trying to move in...
Niners Nation Aug 1, 2015

Golden Nuggets: Vernon's new motivation

Saturday, August 1, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet. Good morning, Faithful. One of the most surprising things about the disappointing 2014 season, was the play of Vernon Davis. During the recent playoff runs of the 49ers, Vernon was one of the key factors, but was a complete non-factor after the first game against Dallas last year. A lot of people, including myself, figured that this was due to his holdout and just the general oddness of the last season. However, I never thought of the possibility that it might...

Vernon Davis: “Last year I had a lot of people in my ear, particularly an adviser.”

SANTA CLARA – Here are selected quotes from Vernon Davis’ Friday morning press conference in the 49ers’ auditorium. Q: For you personally, why did things last season not go the way you expected and the way everyone expected for you? DAVIS: There were a lot of factors. If you look at the season we had […]
San Jose Mercury News Jul 31, 2015

Vernon Davis reports to camp with more than money on his mind

Vernon Davis showed up Friday for his 10th training camp with a mindset he confessed is far removed from last year's financial-driven ambitions.

Vernon Davis reports to camp with more than money on his mind

Vernon Davis showed up Friday for his 10th training camp with a mindset he confessed is far removed from last year's financial-driven ambitions. Even so, Davis is entering the final season of his contract. "Last year I had lot of people in… Continue Reading →
Niners Nation Jul 31, 2015

Vernon Davis fired advisor who suggested he try and get a new contract last year

Interesting news from Vernon Davis related to last year's brief holdout. The San Francisco 49ers veterans reported to training camp on Friday, and one of the players on hand is Vernon Davis. He was involved in the entire offseason program, a year after he had skipped the entire program in hopes of getting a new contract. Davis had a chance to address that topic in his press conference on Friday. Davis said he had a lot of people in his ear last year, but particularly an advisor who suggested he try and get a new contract with the team. Davis said he ended up firing that person just prior to...
Niners Nation Jul 29, 2015

49ers considered free agent Julius Thomas, releasing Vernon Davis, according to Gregg Rosenthal

This certainly would have caught 49ers fans off guard. It is only a rumor, but it would have heated up free agency. The San Francisco 49ers will likely cut a few players at the end of the preseason that will catch us a little off guard. NFL teams are always trying to get younger and cheaper, and that frequently comes at the expense of veterans. NFL.com writer Gregg Rosenthal took a look at 15 potential surprise roster cuts, and Vernon Davis was number one on his list (h/t reedkrase for spotting it). There has been some discussion in the comments about Davis's future. He had a very poor...
Niners Nation Jul 29, 2015

Vernon Davis played hurt much of 49ers 2014 season, according to report

This is not surprising news, but rather further confirmation of chatter that had been out there. The big question is whether Vernon Davis bounces back in 2015, or if the injuries are a sign of things to come. This is not exactly shocking news, but it is a little something to add to the story. Vernon Davis dealt with a couple injuries last season, but denied that it lasted most of the season or was the reason for his poor performance. However, we have seen different reports indicating otherwise. Now, Mark Purdy has added a little more. Purdy spoke with Geep Chryst in a 45-minute interview...

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