6:36 AM EDT, Thu September 21, 2017
Houston Chronicle Sep 7, 2017

Bill O'Brien: 'Very high expectations' for Texans' D.J. Reader

The retirement of five-time Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork didn't leave a massive hole in the middle of the Texans' defense.
Pats Pulpit Sep 6, 2017
Cassius Marsh: A colorful new addition to the Patriots defense

Cassius Marsh: A colorful new addition to the Patriots defense

There is an “edge” to the Patriots’ newest edge defender. The behemoth-filled locker rooms of the NFL are a place where most players can blend in. A rare setting in which, among their robust peers, they aren’t the largest human being in the room. Nonetheless, every locker room its outliers — a guy or two that catches your eye right away — the “Vince Wilfork-s” and “Alan Branch-s” of the world. Cassius Marsh is one of those guys. But at 6’4” and a shade under 250 pounds, it isn’t the size of the Patriots’ newest pass-rushing acquisition that draws your immediate...
Pats Pulpit Aug 31, 2017
The Patriots don’t have a rival anymore

The Patriots don’t have a rival anymore

Who will pick up where Peyton Manning left off? SB Nation released our 2017 NFL Season Preview and I represented the New England Patriots section. We look at why the Patriots could win the Super Bowl (easy), what could ruin the Patriots season (also easy, unfortunately), and what the Patriots do better than anyone else (win). I was also asked for a tailgate food that represented the Patriots, and they didn’t let me use a photo series of Vince Wilfork dancing while cooking meats, so here is my actual response in full: But one...

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