5:35 AM EDT, Thu April 17, 2014
Florida Times-Union Mar 24, 2014

14 Jaguars earn $100,000 in bonus pay

ORLANDO – Fourteen Jaguars player have each been awarded more than $100,000 in performance-based money per figures released today by the NFL Management Council. Performance-based pay is for players whose playing time was higher than their salary. The Jaguars roster earned a bonus of $3.46 million. Here are those who earned more than $100,000 S Josh Evans: $181,318. OT Austin Pazstor: $175,996. OT Cam Bradfield: $155,588. WR Mike Brown: $142,384. CB Will Blackmon: $134,617. CB Alan Ball: $129,120. WR Ace Sanders: $127,592. read more

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