2:03 AM EDT, Sun July 05, 2015
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Windy City Gridiron 18 hours ago

What more do the Bears need to be a true contender?

Teams in the NFL can go from worst-to-first, on occasion, but to build for sustained success and consistent playoff and Super Bowl contention, what needs to change about this Bears roster going forward? Or where are they currently set? Coming off of a 5-11 season, "championship contender" is one phrase that hasn't been associated with the Bears, and with good reason. Last-to-first is a nice concept, and not impossible, but those teams either usually become a flash in the pan or an overglorified example, as if it's a common occurrence. When your division has a team like the Packers that you...
Windy City Gridiron Jul 3, 2015

Are there any Chicago Bears comeback player candidates

Around the NFL looked at some of the 2015 Comeback Player of the Year candidates. Are there any Bears that could be in the running for the award? The 5-11 Bears of 2014 were a sorry bunch and an embarrassment to the navy and orange faithful. As a result the team is, rightly I might add, not getting a lot of love heading into the 2015 season. While head coach John Fox is known for his quick turnarounds, the team he took over was so dysfunctional and full of under achievers that even the most optimistic among us aren't expecting much better than 8-8. The schedule opens with three straight...
Windy City Gridiron Jul 3, 2015

Looking Back at my 10 Most Important Chicago Bears of 2014

Which Chicago Bears players and/or coaches will be most critical to the team's success in 2015? Starting next week I'll kick off my annual series listing the Top 10 Most Important Chicago Bears of 2015, but before that we'll take a look back at who I picked last year. Gauging one's importance to something is a difficult task, but it's a task I've taken on every offseason for the last seven years in regards to the Chicago Bears. This series will consist of the 10 Bears (players and/or coaches) that I deem to be the most important to the team's success in 2015. This is a subjective list and I...
Windy City Gridiron Jul 2, 2015

13 questions the Chicago Bears must answer to prove they have championship roster depth

Last year I came across Pat Kirwan's 13 questions every team must answer to determine whether or not they have championship depth. I don't think any Chicago Bears fans are expecting a title in 2015, but we'll examine each question just to see how far off the Bears are. Kirwan's theory that an NFL season is often times a war of attrition, so having good solid depth is the key to winning. Since the Bears are preparing for year one of the Ryan Pace/John Fox era, I'm not optimistic that they have the kind of depth they need at this time, but let's find out. Last year, coming off an 8-8 season,...
Windy City Gridiron Jul 1, 2015

The Superfans recap the 30 Day Chicago Bears Challenge

The leader of the Superfans, the Chicagocentric Bill Swerski, gathered his troops together (Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski and Todd O'Connor) to pour over our Chicago Bears 30 Day Challenge and give us their one of a kind thoughts. Before we get things kicked off with how we feel about things, we wanted to shoot out some kudos for a job well done on the Chicago Bears 30 Day Challenge. So to Les Wilfongs, Sammy Houshholder, Steve Ronkowski (Now that's a good Polish name!), Stevie Sweikhurts and Kev H (Why is his last name simply a letter?), we want to say thanks for filling the month of June...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 30, 2015

Don't expect much from the Chicago Bears in the next 3 years

ESPN Insider recently looked at the Future Power Rankings for the NFL and the Chicago Bears aren't thought of very highly. When projecting future outcomes in sports, there's obviously a lot of guess work involved. But when looking three years into the future you can imagine the amount of subjective thought that goes into such an exercise. There are just so many variables that you can't account for. With that being said, ESPN Insider has three NFL experts taking a stab at a future power ranking in the NFL. John Clayton, Louis Riddick and Mike Sando are ranking teams in 5 categories on a...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 30, 2015

CBS Sports got it wrong in picking the 1942 team as the best in Chicago Bears' history

How can a team be considered the best in franchise history without finishing the job? The Chicago Bears have won nine championships in franchise history. The first one coming in 1921 and the last one coming in 1985. If you were looking to pick a greatest Bears' team of all time, there are 9 worthy teams right there. But for some reason CBS Sports used some outside-the-box thinking in picking the 1942 Chicago Bears, that went undefeated in the regular season, but lost to the Washington Redskins in the NFL Championship game 14-6. Here's what they said about the selection. The Bears have won...
Kev H / Windy City Gridiron Jun 30, 2015

30 Day Challenge: What we're most looking forward to for the Chicago Bears in 2015

It's over, it's all over. But first, what are you looking forward to? There's a lot to be interested in for the Chicago Bears in 2015. Will the tire-fire defense get fixed by Fangio quickly? Is control of the roster re-established by those who should be in charge? Can they just get around to beating the Packers once? All important questions, to be sure, but none of these things are the thing I'm looking most forward to. I'm just waiting for the guy in the picture above to have a record-setting season. And no, it's not in interceptions or fumbles, Jabroni. Let's make something clear - I'm...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 30, 2015

Is Antrel Rolle the most overrated current Chicago Bears player?

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco is picking free agent addition Antrel Rolle as the Chicago Bears most overrated player. Do you agree? And what are you hoping to see from Rolle in the 2015 season? In the last several days we've published our 'pick your most underrated / overrated player in team history' from our 30 Day Chicago Bears Challenge series. We took a look at CBS Sports' pick for the Bears most underrated current player. Would you believe it was Jay Cutler? And yesterday Spongie had CBS Sports' pick for each teams most overrated player in our Bears Den, but we wanted to give the topic a...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 29, 2015

Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

To paraphrase a great American poet, "Dropping NFL Thoughts like when Galileo dropped the orange" 1) Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL. I'm a fan of his and I love the way he plays the game, but I don't think his play warrants him eclipsing every other player contract in the NFL. The Seahawks are a defensive, running orientated team that happens to have an awesome game manager at the helm. Wilson should definitely join the $100 million club, and he may even deserve to get the biggest lump of guaranteed money ever doled out by an NFL...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 29, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Most underrated Bear

The Chicago Bears have more retired numbers and more members of the Hall of Fame than any other NFL team but which player flies under the radar most? Fourteen retired numbers, so many that the franchise had to quit doing so or they'd have issues with assigning numbers. Thirty-two Hall of Famers, the most of any professional football team. Yes, the Chicago Bears are truly the most storied franchise and have had a (nearly) embarrassment of riches when it comes to great players. With so many great players, some very good ones are going to slip through the cracks and that's what the focus of...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 29, 2015

Where do the Chicago Bears rank in drafting Pro Bowlers in the last 10 years?

Would you believe the Angelo-Emery duo rank in the top 10 for drafting Pro Bowlers in the last decade? Jerry Angelo was the general manager for the Chicago Bears from 2001 to 2011 and his inability to consistently build a winning team is ultimately why he was fired. His replacement was Phil Emery, who presided over the Bears from 2012-2014, and he also failed to build a winner during his time in Chicago. The failings from these two were why I was so surprised to see the Chicago Bears ranked in the top 10 of the NFL.com's list of teams that have drafted the most Pro Bowl players in the last...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 28, 2015

30 Day Challenge: All Time Favorite Bears DB

We're in the closing days of our 30 Day Challenge. Today will be the last "all time favorite" so be sure to include yours. The Bears have a long history of great defense. While they've historically been known for linebackers and defensive linemen they also have a vaulted history of great defensive backs. From George McAfee to Richie Petitbon to Doug Plank and Gary Fencik to Rosey Taylor and Terry Schmidt all the way up to Charles Tillman, the Bears have had some great defensive backs. Picking a favorite is actually pretty tough for me because my time really getting into the Bears coincided...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 27, 2015

30 Day Challenge - Most Painful Bears Moment

What better way to end a month of Bears talk than talking about worst moment in your Bears fandom. Here's a tough one, if only due to the depressingly large amount of choices - what is your most painful Bears moment?  Chris Conte at the end of the Packers at Bears game in 2013 was the first thought that came into my mind, but I look at that moment as more of a mercy killing of a horrible Bears defense than something truly painful.  You could take any number of injuries to players in the middle of promising seasons, but I can't think of any that were so tough as to top this list.  There...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 27, 2015

Who Need To Be The 2015 Bears Defensive Leaders?

With Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs both out of Chicago, who do you think needs to step up and fill the leadership void on the defense in 2015? With no Weekend Den for the first time in nearly a year, I think we can officially issue a welcome to Vacation Time in the NFL. When nothing is happening, we need new ways to entertain ourselves until training camp starts in just under a month (!). We'll have our 30 Day Challenge question coming up for you in a bit, but there's another question I wanted to ask this morning in advance of that. Who do you think need to be the leaders on the 2015...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 26, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Change one moment in Bears history

Every day in the month of June we'll ask a different Chicago Bears related question to our readers. Make sure you guys participate the entire month so we can all get to know the WCG community a little better. Being a sports fan means going through both good times and bad. When your favorite team is good, life is good and sports are never more fun to watch (See the Chicago Blackhawks since 2008). When things are at their darkest, it can feel like you're just punishing yourself for continuing to watch. Sports are funny that way. We watch them for entertainment and joy but simple math tells...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 25, 2015

Is Jay Cutler the Chicago Bears' most underrated player?

While checking out Twitter over lunch I came across the following from Pete Prisco, senior NFL columnist from CBS Sports. Each teams most-underrated player. http://t.co/7rG6r17Mwz — Pete Prisco (@PriscoCBS) June 25, 2015 I'm always curious on how national writers view the Chicago Bears, so I clicked to see which current Bear Prisco thought was underrated. There are currently 89 players on Chicago's offseason roster and if you were to give me 88 guesses on Prisco's pick, I never would have said Jay Cutler. Chicago BearsQuarterback Jay Cutler: Forget the contract. And just focus...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 25, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Most Overrated Chicago Bear of all time

Every day in the month of June we'll ask a different Chicago Bears related question to our readers. Make sure you guys participate the entire month so we can all get to know the WCG community a little better. Two years ago I weighed in on the topic of overrated Chicago Bears' players and my thoughts haven't changed since then. Day 25: Which Chicago Bears' player is the most overrated of all time? Nathan Vasher lucked into more interceptions than any Bears' player that I can remember. He had 13 in his first two years as a Bear, but only 6 during the next, often injury plagued, 4 years in...
Windy City Gridiron Jun 24, 2015

2015 Fantasy Football: Which Chicago Bears are you targeting for your team?

Let's take another early look at some fantasy football rankings for the Chicago Bears. Last month we spotlighted ESPN's Fantasy Football Top 300 and four Chicago Bears fell within their top half. Five Bears made NFL.com's recent Fantasy Football Top 150, so let's take a gander at which those were. The top Bear on every fantasy list has to be Matt Forte. NFL.com has him as the 7th running back (RB7) and the 7th overall player. NFL.com believes that Minnesota's returning Adrian Peterson will be the #1 fantasy option in 2015, while ESPN gave the honor to Eddy Lacy of the Packers. If I snag...
Kev H / Windy City Gridiron Jun 24, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Who is your least favorite current Chicago Bear?

We roll on with Day 24 discussing a player on the roster who maybe we're not as big a fan of. It's all in good fun. Mostly. I have a bit of a question for Senorise Perry: What would you say you do here? He scored a game-winning touchdown in the preseason once. That's legit, I guess. I think my primary gripe is that out of the box in Madden, he's slotted as the primary returner. Which is nuts. Granted, at the time of game publish, nobody had any idea who would be doing anything for the Chicago Bears.  It also turned out that nobody coaching the Chicago Bears would apparently have...

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