4:23 AM EST, Fri January 30, 2015
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Still talks about Leah's battle on SportsCenter

Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still talks about his daughter Leah's battle with cancer on SportsCenter.

Hue Jackson on Jermaine Gresham: He has a place here

"There's a place for him," Jackson said to ESPN.com. "But again, he's free, so that's going to work itself out for him however it works itself out." If you're hoping that Cincinnati will give Jermaine Gresham the five-finger salute out of Cincinnati, hold off just a bit. At least that's the theme of Coley Harvey's story on ESPN, who carried the message for offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. There is a place for Jermaine Gresham. We can only imagine that your reaction is similar to: "There's a place for him," Jackson said to ESPN.com. "But again, he's free, so that's going to work itself...

Sam Wyche on Super Bowl XXIII: We have Stanley Wilson, We Win

The story is sad. On the night before Super Bowl XXIII, Stanley Wilson was found in the bathroom after relapsing on cocaine. He would never play another NFL game again. The story is courtesy of WCPO.

Cincinnati Bengals and Eric Winston mutually interested in another season

Winston: "There’s interest on both sides. I don’t want to qualify their interest too much more than that. I think they’re definitely interested in it. I'm definitely interested in it and hopefully we’ll get something done." The Cincinnati Bengals and Eric Winston are mutually interested in continuing their relationship for another season, the right tackle said via Bengals.com. And, he's fine with being a backup to starting offensive tackle Andre Smith. "It’s the circle of life in the NFL. You come in as a backup, you earn a starting spot, you go out as a backup a lot of...
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Marvin Lewis speaks on Vance Joseph and what's best for Bengals

Marvin Lewis thinks Vance Joseph is a star on the rise that the Bengals don't want to lose. Marvin Lewis doesn't think the Bengals were wrong in how they handled Vance Joseph's situation with the Denver Broncos. In fact, he believes Joseph is a rising star who could climb the NFL ladder while he's in Cincinnati. By blocking Denver from hiring him as their defensive coordinator, Lewis says the Bengals could very well have Joseph as their head coach. Appearing on ESPN's NFL Insiders show on Thursday, Lewis provided some interesting quotes on Joseph, who will remain with the Bengals as their...
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A.J. Green defends Andy Dalton; Talks concussion, playoff woes and Super Bowl

A.J. Green doesn't think Andy Dalton is why the Bengals aren't the ones in the Super Bowl. The Bengals were once again bounced from the first round of the NFL playoffs this past season. Though anyone who watched the game could see there was no singular culprit for Cincinnati's 26-10 loss at Indianapolis, Andy Dalton has taken much of the blame. A.J. Green isn't having it, and he defended his quarterback during multiple interviews during Thursday's Super Bowl festivities. In an interview with Michael Irvin and the NFL Network, Green said "it's tough" when he hears that Dalton isn't he man...
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NFL study shows concussions lower while injuries overall still high

The NFL is trying to reduce the number of concussions players suffer, but there is still an alarming number of players suffering season-ending injuries. As the NFL continues its goal to make the league safer than it's ever been, a new study has been released detailing the number of players who suffered concussions this past year. The study said that rate of concussions among NFL players fell 25% this past season. The findings, which were provided to The Associated Press, shows there were 111 concussions in games during the 2014 regular season, down from 148 in 2013, and 173 in...
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Josh Gordon responds to Charles Barkley and other critics in open letter

Whether it's been NBA legend Charles Barkley, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, or NFL great Cris Carter, many weighed in on Josh Gordon, and now he's ready to speak. Josh Gordon is done being quiet. The embattled Cleveland Browns receiver is once again facing a season-long suspension for failing a league-mandated drug test, though it was for merely consuming alcohol. While rules are rules, you kind of have to feel a little bad for Gordon for losing millions of dollars, as well as the right to play football, over a few drinks. He's not the first, nor will he be the last to lose so much over alcohol...
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Top-Five Bengals Offseason Priorities: Figure Out The Slot, No.4

With so many injuries to the offensive weapons of the Bengals this year, there was limited production from players lined up in the slot. The Bengals need to figure this position out for 2015. We continue our list of priorities for the Bengals to potentially reach that championship level in 2015 and this one is a bit more specific than No.5 on the list. In an effort to aid Andy Dalton as much as possible, solidifying the slot will be a key to this offense's productivity. A few things have become en vogue for the NFL in recent years. During this "era of the quarterback" in what is now known...
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Denver Post slams the Bengals because of race

Our daily Vance Joseph update looks to the Denver Post, where one writer believes that the Bengals are wrong on Vance Joseph... because of race. Here's the rule of thumb for this story. Ignore every instance of an assistant coach being allowed to join another team for a promotion, unless it's the Denver Broncos. Are we good? Are we making sense? OK, making sense isn't really our goal here. Let's sell by invoking sensitive social issues... Within two sentences of an editorial on the Bengals keeping defensive backs coach Vance Joseph, Benjamin Hochman with the Denver Post, had race enter...
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Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl Commercials are one of the many highlights for the most celebrated weekend on the NFL calendar. We'll post many of our favorites here.
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Super Bowl 49 Player Prop Bets, Picks and Predictions for Patriots vs. Seahawks

Will Russell Wilson outduel Tom Brady for Super Bowl MVP? Will Marshawn Lynch get his Skittles? Will the Patriots stop the Seahawks dynasty? Super Bowl 49 will feature two of the most successful franchises of the past decade when the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks face off. Since 2006, these two franchises have now combined for six Super Bowl appearances, and that's not even counting the Patriots' three championships from 2002-05. From a betting perspective, there's some interesting player prop bets for the game. With QBs taking home the game MVP award in six of the past...
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Bengals Bites (1/29) - More Conspiracy

There is a new theory about how crafty the move was by LeGarrette Blount to be released by the Steelers to fall back to the Patriots. The other Patriots conspiracy theory: LeGarrette Blount's scheme to reunite with Bill Belichick? - Yahoo SportsIt's not the big conspiracy theory that everyone is talking about. There are no footballs, equipment managers or surveillance tape. But it's still a question that New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount can't answer with a straight face. Did Blount engineer his release from the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this season because he knew the...
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Inside the Jungle - Episode 182 - Grading the Bengals Linebackers

On this week's show we touch on the Pro Bowl, Deflategate and grade the 2014 Bengals linebackers, plus our Super Bowl predictions. Direct Download [29.4 mb] | Subscribe on iTunes | Inside the Jungle on Twitter It feels like yesterday we were celebrating the start of the 2014 season here on Inside the Jungle. Hard to believe that we're down to the very last football game of the year. The Patriots and Seahawks kick things off Sunday night. Who you got? Do you care? Will you watch? Get in touch! On to the show! On this week's show: The Pro Bowl was, eh. Apparently (since I didn't watch) Andy...

Broncos tabs Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator; Bengals keep Vance Joseph

The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing for the 2015 NFL draft by scouting prospects, while looking at their ranks to see where free agency helps. In the meantime, the Broncos were obsessing over Bengals DB coach Vance Joseph, but no longer. UPDATE Denver is hiring Wade Phillips as the team's new defensive coordinator, meaning that Vance Joseph will not be leaving the Bengals to join the Broncos. As for Vance Joseph, #Bengals never let him out of his contract to join the #Broncos. Today was the deadline, and they never relented — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 29, 2015 *** The Denver...

Hue Jackson cites Andy Dalton's September in support of his quarterback

"I see in the first three games of the season a guy that played with moxie and tenacity and aggressiveness, and who played extremely well down that 3-0 stretch," Jackson said. Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson still believes in quarterback Andy Dalton. Call it the standard public defense of a player, or the "what else is he going to say" defense... but Jackson's is genuine. Who else argues his points with such specific reasoning? Here's the issue. Andy Dalton had a down-year with a roster that was more liability with injuries than benefit. His performance in the pro bowl...
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Inside the Jungle LIVE - Episode 182

Join us tonight at 8 PM ET as we record Inside the Jungle. Get in touch! To listen to this podcast, log on to http://cincyjungle.com/podcast
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Dick Lebeau may join Titans after passing on Cardinals; No Bengals interest so far

If Dick Lebeau wants to join a rebuilding franchise, the Titans are the perfect fit. If he wants to join a Super Bowl contender, the Bengals make more sense. When the Pittsburgh Steelers parted with defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau, it looked like he would end up in Arizona with former colleague Bruce Arians. However, that plan appears to have fallen through after Kent Somers reported Lebeau would not join Arians' staff. That's left the longtime Steelers DC and hall-of-fame defensive back without a job as the offseason continues. There are now rumors of Lebeau joining the Titans staff,...
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Bengals' Geno Atkins will rebound in 2015, says Paul Guenther

If Geno Atkins becomes an NFL All-Pro again, the Bengals could become Super Bowl contenders in 2015. Don't expect to see Geno Atkins playing like a shell of himself again next season. After a 2014 campaign that saw Atkins fail to live up to the All-Pro level we've all become accustomed to. It was so below him that defensive coordinator Paul Guenther called Atkins out, saying he was "just a guy out there." Can he be the same Atkins that racked up 18.5 sacks in 25 games prior to tearing his ACL? Guenther believes he can in 2015, per Coley Harvey: "I'm confident that he'll come back next...
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Top-Five Bengals 2015 Offseason Priorities

We kick off our top-five priorities for the Bengals in their quest to be Super Bowl Champions after the 2015 season. The first of which is pushing the team to be more aggressive in their offseason approach. For a team that has made four straight postseason trips and has averaged 10 wins per season in that span, the Cincinnati Bengals have quite the laundry list of items to propel them to the next level. The 2014 season that was ripe with promise and presumed talent became a house of cards, collapsing with the slightest of January breezes. Have the Bengals missed their window of opportunity?...

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