6:24 AM EST, Sat January 29, 2022
Houston Chronicle 13 hours ago

What Texans coaching finalist Josh McCown has said about his ties to Jack Easterby

The former NFL quarterback spoke glowingly of the Texans' embattled executive when he joined the team in 2020.
Houston Chronicle 15 hours ago

Texans give Josh McCown second interview, making him a finalist for head coaching job

The 42-year-old Josh McCown has never coached aside from a stint with his son's high school team.
Houston Chronicle 19 hours ago

Witness who allegedly coordinated Deshaun Watson's massage sessions pleads the Fifth

Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing the women who filed suit against the Texans quarterback, gave an update on the ongoing depositions.
Houston Chronicle Jan 27, 2022

There are Houston Texans ties all over 49ers coaching staff

San Francisco's head coach and three coordinators all either coaches or played for the Texans early in their careers.
Houston Chronicle Jan 27, 2022

Ed Reed: Texans 'had some horrible people in that organization'

Ed Reed has repeatedly bashed the Houston Texans for having what he calls an 'old-school mentality' when he played there
Houston Chronicle Jan 26, 2022

Jaguars close to hiring Byron Leftwich as coach, killing the Bill O'Brien dream

Texans fans had hoped the coach who had a hand in crashing their team could be a head coach again in the AFC South
Houston Chronicle Jan 21, 2022

Biggest Texas high school football star on each team left in NFL playoffs

Patrick Mahomes, Matthew Stafford and Mike Evans are some of the best players still in the playoffs, and they're all Texans.
Houston Chronicle Jan 21, 2022

Texans interviewing Josh McCown again shows Jack Easterby's real power

The latest head coaching interview shows the man some see as a Texans villain has plenty of sway within the organization.
Houston Chronicle Jan 18, 2022

Even with former Texans stars J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals still can't win playoff game

The Arizona Cardinals haven't had much sustained success since adding former Texans stars to their roster.
Houston Chronicle Jan 18, 2022

Nick Caserio explains Jack Easterby’s role with Texans

The Texans general manager spent time on SportsRadio 610 defending Jack Easterby on Tuesday.
Houston Chronicle Jan 14, 2022

Houston Texans' head coaching search: The six candidates to watch

A lot of the top candidates for the Texans' head coaching job have some sort of tie to the New England Patriots.
Houston Chronicle Jan 14, 2022

Deshaun Watson's leaked settlement offer shows six-figure proposal

Here's what one of Deshaun Watson's settlement offers looks like.
Houston Chronicle Jan 14, 2022

Texans sound like they’re open to possibly trading No. 3 pick in draft

Unprompted, Nick Caserio brought up the possibility of the Texans trading away the third pick in the draft.
Houston Chronicle Jan 14, 2022

ESPN's Mike Wilbon on Texans: 'Franchise is a joke' and a 'fraud'

The co-host of 'PTI' sounded off on the Texans and all of Houston after David Culley was fired.
Houston Chronicle Jan 13, 2022

Why the Houston Texans should celebrate their thoroughly mediocre 2021 season

The short answer is, 'It could've been much worse' for Texans fans in 2021.

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    Deshaun Watson

    Witness who allegedly coordinated Deshaun Watson's massage sessions pleads the Fifth

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