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Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey will be honored for his service

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey will be receiving an award that has nothing to do with football. According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, Dorsey will be honored with the Distinguished Service Award at the Lee Remmel Sports Awards Banquet in De Pere, Wisconsin. The Press Gazette details some of his service accomplishments: His work in the communities in which he's lived — Green Bay, Seattle and Kansas City, has been noted, including his involvement with the Wisconsin Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, his 1987 Packers Man of the Year honor for civic contributions, serving on the board of '65...
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Justin Houston mythbusting: How much help did the Kansas City Chiefs LB have?

Sometimes narratives can creep up on you. You're walking along minding you're own business, and BOOM! Someone hits you over the head with "Jamaal Charles is great, but he's not a guy who can run between the tackles" Or "the Chiefs always fail at the draft," (no, it's not true). Or even worse "Derrick Johnson isn't a machine sent back in time to destroy run games." OK, that last one isn't really a narrative. Or something many people say. I just wanted to say something about Derrick Johnson. But narratives ARE a funny thing. Basically, an idea can gain traction simply because enough people...
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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 7/1

Enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs news! Agent's Take: A fair contract solution for Justin Houston and Chiefs | CBSSports.com Justin Houston's contract situation is the latest example of this principle: The longer a team waits to sign a Pro Bowl-caliber player, the more it's going to cost, provided the player stays healthy. The Kansas City Chiefs missed an opportunity to sign Houston to a contract extension in the neighborhood of Tamba Hali's deal prior to the start of the 2014 regular season. Hali received a five-year, $57.5 million contract (worth a maximum of $60 million through salary...
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ESPN's future NFL power rankings have Kansas City Chiefs in the top 10

ESPN's AFC West reporters were who asked who is the biggest threat to the Denver Broncos. The three teams not covering the Kansas City Chiefs said that it was the San Diego Chargers. If you go to another area of the four letter network, they feel the Chiefs future is brighter than that. ESPN's future NFL power rankings have the Chiefs ranked ninth. This marks an increase of five spots from last year. Mike Sando writes: "The Chiefs rose five spots into the top 10 thanks to improvements in drafting (19th to 13th), front office (17th to ninth) and non-QB roster (18th to 13th). Our voters saw...
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Chiefs mailbag: Mrs. MNChiefsfan edition

One cloud that's hung over these mailbags over the last few months has been the dark storm of failure. My failure. See, you wonderful people have been requesting a Mrs. MNchiefsfan mailbag since ... since basically the first time she ever made a guest appearance in a column (a scathing review of a Chiefs player, if I recall). Time after time you've asked me to have her answer a few football or non-football questions, and time after time I've let you down. That changes today. Today, we have a Mrs. MNchiefsfan mailbag. I was going to spread these out to several columns, but I figured it would...
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Should Kansas City Chiefs use a pick in the 2015 Supplemental Draft?

The 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft is scheduled for July 9 this year. The Supplemental Draft includes players who were for various reasons not in the real draft. This year there are several prospects who are entering the Supplemental Draft but just one that will garner some attention: Clemson OT Isaiah Battle. The way the Supplemental Draft works is if the Chiefs wanted to submit a bid on Battle, they would do so. The bid would be the round that the Chiefs would select that player. If they're the highest bid, they win the rights to the player BUT they lose the corresponding pick for the (real)...
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Will Travis Kelce or Jeremy Maclin lead the Kansas City Chiefs in receiving?

This can double as a fantasy football question... We talked yesterday about one of the most popular position battles for the Kansas City Chiefs: No. 2 receiver. However, there's another intriguing question about the Chiefs pass catchers. Who will be the leading receiver? I'm not just talking about those who have a WR in front of their name. I'm talking about who will lead the Chiefs in receiving yards, including tight ends and running backs. On the surface, you would quickly think of Jeremy Maclin, who had 1,300 yards in Philly last year. He's coming in familiar with the offense and has the...
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Kansas City Chiefs have drafted more Pro Bowlers in last 10 years than all but one team

If you want to feel bad about the Kansas City Chiefs not winning a playoff game in the last 10 years, then don't read this. That's because, based on the way they have drafted, the Chiefs probably should have won a few playoff games in the last decade. NFL.com looked at the number of Pro Bowlers each team has drafted in the last 10 years, and the Chiefs come in tied for second with 11 Pro Bowlers. They follow the Dallas Cowboys (13) and are tied with the San Francisco 49ers (11). Even during the Pioli years when the Chiefs weren't very good I felt they were a talented team. This confirms...
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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 6/30

Enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Q&A: Aaron Murray talks UGA quarterback battle and more... | Online Athens ABH: How are things going in Kansas City? AM: "Good — I mean great. From year one to year two was great, just phenomenal with the comfort level, the understanding the playbook, the speed. All my numbers jumped up in camp from last year to this year, so I felt really good." IWCC assistant football coach Daniel dies at 82 | The Daily Nonpareil Clarence A. "Dan" Daniel, an assistant football coach at Iowa Western for the past three seasons, died on June 23 at age 82 after a...
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Justin Houston gets Pro Bowlers together for his football camp

Justin Houston may not be under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs but football remains on his mind. The KC Chiefs LB hosted a football camp in Georgia over the weekend with upwards of 20 NFL players attending. "I want to help anytime I can do something positive for the kids," Houston said via the Statesboro Herald. "I want to show them that dreams do come true. I was once in their shoes. They need to know that it takes a lot of hard work, but if you're willing to put that in, you can get what you want in life." The Statesboro Herald has it at 10 Pro Bowlers participating in...
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Kansas City Chiefs candidates for the right guard job

The Kansas City Chiefs top position battle -- or at least the one the fans are talking about the most -- appears to be the No. 2 receiver job. But the Chiefs competition at right guard is also a fascinating one because of how many players are involved. Left guard was a problem last year because of Mike McGlynn, who is now gone. Ben Grubbs came in to hold down the left side but we're left to wonder what happens on the right side. The candidates for the right guard job: 1. Jeff Allen is the wild card here because we don't really know a whole lot about how the Chiefs feel about him. They...
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Kansas City Chiefs position battles: No. 2 wide receiver is one to watch

The Kansas City Chiefs have a handful of intriguing position battles, perhaps none more than the No. 2 wide receiver job. With no touchdown catches last year, the Chiefs receivers are a focal point. We know that Jeremy Maclin will be holding down the No. 1 spot but who will be the No. 2? Andy Reid's first year in Kansas City saw Jamaal Charles (693 yards) and Dwayne Bowe (673) as the two leading receivers. After those two it was Donnie Avery (596) and Dexter McCluster (511). Reid's second year in Kansas City Travis Kelce (862) and Bowe (754) as the leading receivers. Jamaal Charles (291)...
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Chiefs fans remember Joe Delaney, 32 years later

It's Joe Delaney Day around here. 32 years ago, Chiefs RB Joe Delaney jumped into a pond to save three kids in Louisiana. He did not know how to swim and died that day along with two others. He is a true hero. There are a number of Joe Delaney stories we read each year on this day and this year we add another great one. The KC Star's Vahe Gregorian wrote this piece, which is a new must read on Delaney. In that piece, Gregorian breaks some news: ESPN is doing a "30 for 30" on Delaney, which is due out in August. This was talked about last year. Two other pieces of note on Delaney: The...
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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 6/29

It's Joe Delaney day around here. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Drowning of Chiefs’ Joe Delaney still haunts former Louisiana police diver | The Kansas City Star As he said it, you could practically feel Dearman shaking his head with lament over all that had conspired there to take the lives of two children and Joe Delaney. Delaney, a 24-year-old budding star running back with the Chiefs, had scrambled into the water to try to save the two boys and, some believe, rescued a third. To this day, Dearman isn’t sure what to make of conflicting versions of how the third boy,...
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The Rolling Stones at Arrowhead Stadium: 1975 vs. 2015

This is what it looked like when The Rolling Stones visited Arrowhead Stadium in 1975. The @RollingStones will make their 3rd trip to Arrowhead this summer; their first was on June 6, 1975. #Tbt pic.twitter.com/3AkcleHxWD — Arrowhead Stadium (@ArrowheadEvents) April 2, 2015 And this is what it looked like when The Rolling Stones visited Arrowhead in 2015. "I heard you guys were the loudest crowd in the world. I read that in the Guinness Book of Records" - Mick Jagger. — Danny Parkins (@DannyParkins) June 28, 2015 A video posted by Daniel (@sweens_magoo) on Jun 28, 2015 at...
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Which player can Kansas City Chiefs least afford to lose?

Another day, another mailbag. I didn't have a new one up yesterday, but considering I had, like, 15 other columns up at once I assume you'll all forgive me. Or don't. Grudges can be kinda fun if you're doing it right. Let's mailbag and continue to fight the power. The power of offseason blues. @RealMNchiefsfan If you could permanently protect one Chiefs player from injury, who would it be? — Ben Burkhardt (@xCezium) June 2, 2015 Permanently? Forever and ever? It has to be Jamaal Charles. Here's the thing; Alex Smith is PROBABLY more important to the success of the Chiefs simply by being...
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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 6/27

Light day for Chiefs news. 15 for '15: College football's best celebrity fans | NFL.com 3. Kansas State: actor Eric Stonestreet/Oregon: actor Ty Burrell. The skinny: Both appear on "Modern Family." Stonestreet attended Kansas State; Burrell went to Oregon (and Penn State for his Masters). Interestingly, on "Modern Family," Stonestreet plays a character who played center at Illinois. He tries to attend one or two K-State games every season, and he also is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. As for Oregon, Burrell has talked about how "I never thought we would do any better than the Independence...
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Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston headline Chiefs on All AFC-West team

Yep, another offseason list. But where's Sean Smith? To help distract us from the doldrums that the long NFL offseason can create, the league's own website has been building a series of divisional all-star teams in order to keep us talking. The AFC West team has been revealed and the amount of Chiefs and even former Chiefs is pretty impressive. The predictable entries are all there. Justin Houston at linebacker. Jamaal Charles at running back. Dontari Poe clogging the defensive middle. The sum total of starters comes to eight, including special teams where both De'Anthony Thomas and Dustin...
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Free agent Josh Cribbs has apparently drawn the Kansas City Chiefs interest

Free agent receiver and returner Josh Cribbs named the Kansas City Chiefs among the teams keeping an eye on him, according to this from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. Talked to Josh Cribbs today. He has a few inquiries (Jags, Pats, Chiefs). Still wants to play but is open to retirement — Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerESPN) June 26, 2015 It should be noted that an inquiry doesn't tell us what level of interest there is. If the Chiefs wanted to sign him, they could sign him. And they haven't. Cribbs' best receiving season came in 2011 when he had 41 receptions for 518 yards. That was nearly double his...
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Here's how Ben Grubbs and Paul Fanaika will upgrade Kansas City Chiefs offensive line

The next installment of our Chiefs offensive line review / preview series, we’ll establish a simple grading system and test it on the two notable veteran newcomers to the position group: Ben Grubbs and Paul Fanaika. Offensive line play is dirty, under-appreciated work (as is film study on offensive line). Each NFL team has their own way of grading and evaluating players, but there is a LOT of gray area. A few other factors that I see as challenges to OL evaluation: With OL (like CB), you don’t notice them until something really bad happens. Then, that’s ALL you remember about them....

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