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Vikings have three players among Pro Bowl ballott leaders

This season has quickly deteriorated for the Vikings, though a few players are gaining Pro Bowl respect from the fans. Three Vikings players rank among the top five at their positions in fan balloting for the Pro Bowl, which runs through Dec. 13. Players and coaches cast their votes on Dec. 16 and the rosters will be announced Dec. 20. Cordarrelle Patterson leads the NFC’s special teams contributor category with 102,116 votes. That’s separate from return specialist, where Seattle’s Tyler Lockett leads the voting. Patterson, whose 30.5-yard average on kickoffs tops the league, has...

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Mike Zimmer returns to Vikings practice, but Harrison Smith not spotted

Mike Zimmer, six days removed from emergency eye surgery and four days after a follow-up procedure, was back coaching the Vikings today as players reported back to Winter Park after getting the weekend off. As the Vikings practiced indoors this morning, Zimmer wore a white eyepatch over his right eye as he watched his team go through individual drills with his left eye. His vision in his good eye was good enough for him to bark instructions to wideout Stefon Diggs from about 50 yards away. Zimmer will not speak with reporters until tomorrow morning. It will be the first time since surgery to...
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The story of the Vikings' season, as told by week-by-week playoff odds

There are a lot of ways to sum up this Vikings’ season-to-date, but one pretty stark way to tell the story is by looking at their week-to-week odds of making the postseason — as defined by Five Thirty Eight. When a team starts with modest expectations, jumps out to a 5-0 record and then loses six of its next seven games to slide all the way back to .500, it’s not hard to spot the trend lines. Here are the 14 weeks on a graph (percent chance of making the playoffs before the season started and each of the 13 weeks of the season-to-date, including the Vikings’ bye week): A couple of...
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Paths to NFC North title look different for Vikings, Packers, Lions

The race for the division championship will be tight with little room for error in the final four weeks of the regular season.
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In Peterson's possible return to Vikings, is it 'Yo, Adrian,' or 'No, Adrian'?

Peterson’s possible return is a complex decision for all.
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Listen: Will Adrian Peterson return to save the Vikings before it's too late?

Intro: Recapping the Dallas game, another crunch-time loss. 13:00: Chip Scoggins joins to talk about Mike Zimmer's eye problems. 19:00: The playoff picture is looking dire. 30:00: Will Adrian Peterson be healthy this year, and will it be too late? 42:00: The Jaguars are bad.

The Vikings' biggest problem? They're failing when it matters most

Alternate headlines for this post were titles such as, “the things the Vikings are now bad at are the things they used to be good at” and so on. Nothing quite sounded right, and everything sounded too simple. But there’s an element of truth to the simplicity. When you scrape away all the injuries and other problems the 2016 Vikings have encountered, you still find a team that — despite going 1-6 in its past seven games — bears a decent amount of similarity to the one that had gone 16-5 in its previous 21 regular-season games. The last four of those six recent losses came in games...
Vikings coach Mike Zimmer returns after eye surgery

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer returns after eye surgery

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is back at work after eye surgery and expects to travel with the team for Sunday's game at Jacksonville.

Mike Zimmer has returned to coaching, expected to travel to Jacksonville, Vikings announce

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has resumed coaching and is expected to travel to Jacksonville for Sunday’s game, the team announced Monday. Zimmer, the 60-year-old coach who missed his first NFL game Thursday due to emergency eye surgery, will address reporters Wednesday during his regularly scheduled press conference. It’s not clear how Zimmer is expected to make the 1,475-mile trip from Minneapolis to Jacksonville. Some methods of repairing a detached retina could prevent the patient from flying. Zimmer is back to work three days after he reportedly underwent a fourth operation Friday...

Most Vikings leave fantasy football to the fans

A conflict is created for players, whose league profits from extra attention that too often turns into unwanted, angst-filled messages when a player doesn’t perform for someone’s faux team.

Can this year be a success for the Vikings?

If the Vikings manage to turn a 5-0 start that had us talking about first-round byes into a 6-6 present that had the sky falling into a 9-7 finish that squeaks them into the playoffs, is there a way we could consider that accomplishment a success?

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer reportedly has fourth eye procedure done

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, after a follow-up appointment with doctors on Friday morning, had another operation on his eye that day and “appears to be turning a corner for the better,” according to an ESPN report. Zimmer had emergency surgery late Wednesday night to repair a detached retina on his right eye. That surgery, then the third for Zimmer since Nov. 1, caused him to miss the team’s loss to the Cowboys on Thursday night. The latest operation, the one reported by ESPN, is the fourth on that eye. The Vikings canceled Zimmer’s usual day-after press conference for Friday but listed...

Dungy gives reminder on just how evenly matched NFL teams are [NFL Picks & Power Rankings]

Each Saturday morning during the NFL season, we’ll wake up early, take a hearty cut at predicting the unpredictable league, wince at how it went the week before and ponder the definition of insanity. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Tony Dungy before Thursday night’s game at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Super Bowl-winning Hall of Fame coach and excellent NBC TV analyst was asked what’s wrong with the Vikings. His answer made it sound like the free-falling Vikings were evenly matched with a Dallas team that was 10-1 with a franchise-record 10 straight wins in one season. Hours...

Mike Zimmer's course never wavered — right up to his gameday speech

The Vikings coach kept his game face on throughout his troubling eye injury.

Vikings-Cowboys most-watched NFL Thursday Night Football game ever

The total audience delivery across all platforms, including Twitter, was 22.2 million, according to Fast National data released Friday.

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    Stefon Diggs

    Mike Zimmer returns to Vikings practice, but Harrison Smith not spotted

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    Harrison Smith

    Mike Zimmer returns to Vikings practice, but Harrison Smith not spotted

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    Cordarrelle Patterson

    Vikings have three players among Pro Bowl ballott leaders

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    Adrian Peterson

    Listen: Will Adrian Peterson return to save the Vikings before it's too late?

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    Matt Kalil

    T.J. Clemmings to the Pro Bowl? Here's a tweet suggesting you vote for him

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