7:22 AM EDT, Fri July 31, 2015
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Daily Norseman 45 mins ago

Danielle Hunter May Contribute Sooner Than Expected

When the Minnesota Vikings used their third-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft on defensive end Danielle Hunter, the thought was that they were getting an incredible physical specimen whose football abilities would take a lot of refining. He put on a real show at the Scouting Combine, clocking in with a 40-yard dash time of 4.57 seconds, but managed just 1.5 sacks in his final season at LSU before he declared for the draft. However, Vikings' head coach Mike Zimmer appears to be surprised by what Hunter has brought to the table this far. "He is a lot less raw then we thought. He has really...
Daily Norseman 13 hours ago

2015 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Day Three and Four

Holy pads-emonium Depth Chart We're going to see some movement in the depth chart tomorrow! As a reminder, here's our current depth chart minus Shamar Stephen: I don't really have a handle on the returners quite yet in terms of the depth chart, so I only listed the first person, who is very clearly the highest on the chart. People to watch out for in the returner spots: Marcus Sherels, Jarius Wright, Jerick McKinnon, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs. Observations Quarterbacks Two days of quarterback observation are not necessarily easy to compress, especially given that the wind was...
Vikings Gab 14 hours ago

Video: New Vikings WR Mike Wallace Talks About a Fresh Start

Mike Wallace talks to Pete Prisco about his exit from Miami and his excitement about the Vikings offense.
Daily Norseman 23 hours ago

Minnesota Vikings Nearly Didn't Get Charles Johnson

Towards the end of last season, wide receiver Charles Johnson became a real bright spot for the Minnesota Vikings. After being signed off of the Cleveland Browns' practice squad in Week 3, he was in on nearly 95% of the team's snaps (357 out of 376) in the final six weeks of the season. For the most part, he played pretty well, with the highlight being his first career 100-yard game in December against the New York Jets. According to our friends over at Dawgs by Nature, the Browns did what they could to keep Johnson as a member of their team, and went so far as to match the offer that he...
Daily Norseman Jul 30, 2015

Vikings Won't Talk Extension With Harrison Smith Until Offseason

After the Minnesota Vikings picked up the fifth-year option on the contract of safety Harrison Smith, getting him signed to a long-term extension seemed like a no-brainer. But although it's incredibly likely that the Vikings will sign Smith to said extension, they're not going to use their brains to consider it until this coming offseason. Per numerous sources (including Fox Sports), the team is not going to start looking into extending Smith's contract until 2016. This is standard procedure for the Vikings, who generally don't give players contract extensions before the final year of the...
Daily Norseman Jul 29, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day Four Open Thread

We're on to the fourth day of Minnesota Vikings' Training Camp, and there are a couple of different things for us to take a look at today. From what I can gather on the Twitter, Arif is feeling a bit under the weather and might miss the morning walkthrough for today. However, our widget of folks that are in Mankato and tweeting furiously should have you covered as far as that's concerned. Tweets from https://twitter.com/JoshDungan1/lists/training-camp-list The (slightly) bigger news that's happening today is that Eric is going to be part of the big tour of U.S. Bank Stadium today as part...
Daily Norseman Jul 29, 2015

2015 NFL Power Rankings: Minnesota Vikings Gaining Momentum

For the most part, it's probably still too early to be taking NFL Power Rankings seriously, but they do provide a bit of fodder for conversation. We had another set come out yesterday from a guy that got an opportunity to look at the Vikings first-hand already. Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. . .who, yes, we've had our differences with in the past. . .has put out his preseason Power Rankings, and he seems to like the Minnesota Vikings more than most. He has the Vikings at #13 in his rankings, pegging them as a team that could make a jump into a post-season spot. With the way Prisco's rankings...
Daily Norseman Jul 29, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Photo Gallery, Offensive Recap, Day 3 News & Notes

Daily Norseman checks in after the first full pads practice in Mankato with another exclusive photo gallery and a look at the offensive side of the ball. Throughout the course of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, plenty of four-letter words are uttered by players, coaches, and fans alike. Most of them are accompanied by feelings of anger, embarrassment, or frustration. But there's one four-letter word in camp that pleases everyone: P-A-D-S. Yes, it was finally time to break out the first fully padded practice of the new season. It's the first chance for the lines to make some spirited...
Daily Norseman Jul 28, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Three: AM News and Notes

A recap of Monday morning's Minnesota Vikings Training Camp walkthrough along with recaps of the press conferences of Mike Zimmer and Mike Priefer. The Tuesday morning walkthrough at day three of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp was dreary and soggy after rains pounded most of southern Minnesota in the early hours of the morning. There wasn't a ton of new information to glean from watching the team literally go through the motions today. Thankfully we got a lot of great nuggets of information from Mike Zimmer and Mike Priefer, so I'll rush through my notes before getting to the recaps of...
Daily Norseman Jul 28, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Three Open Thread

We've found our new picture to run into the ground for the duration of Training Camp. That is, in fact, Eric and Arif appearing to lead the troops to the practice field before yesterday's afternoon session. The picture is way more awesome if you can visualize it with the appropriate musical accompaniment. Yes. . .that's much better. We also have a full gallery of exclusive pictures from yesterday's camp sessions right here for your viewing pleasure. Big thanks to Thad Chesley for the photography. Anyway, we're into the third day of the Minnesota Vikings' 2015 Training Camp, and the...
Daily Norseman Jul 28, 2015

2015 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Day Two

The last day of no-pads thank god Depth Chart A lot of movement around the depth chart, and the original depth chart I posted to Vikings Territory isn’t quite accurate in terms of how it played out over the course of the practice. As it is, here’s the most updated chart. Notes regarding the depth chart: Things are not in flux, yet here we are— The linebacker rotation continues to be in flux, though part of that is because you’ll see Anthony Barr take his spot in walkthroughs and not the drills. I’ve seen Gerald Hodges take Sam snaps and Will snaps, and presumably he...
Arrowhead Pride Jul 28, 2015

Remember that time Brock Lesnar got in a fight with the Chiefs at training camp?

Remember that time Brock Lesnar got in a fight with the Kansas City Chiefs before becoming a WWE and UFC star? Way back in 2004, Lesnar went to training camp with the Minnesota Vikings. This was when the Chiefs and Vikings would have joint practices at the Vikings training camp home in Mankato. Former Vikings WR Nate Burleson relayed the story of the fight on NFL Network recently. "Somebody cheapshotted Daunte Culpepper late. Brock was like, ‘who did it?'," Burleson said. "The next play, he went and suplexed the guy. He picked up a grown man after the play. It was a royal rumble —...
Daily Norseman Jul 28, 2015

NORV~! Cares Not For Your Quarterback Rankings

Over the course of the preseason, we saw a lot of different sets of quarterback ratings pop up across the internet. Most of them have not been overly kind to Minnesota Vikings' second-year signal caller Teddy Bridgewater, with many of said ratings putting him well into the bottom tier of NFL starting quarterbacks. To these ratings, Vikings' offensive coordinator Norv Turner says "hogwash." Or "poppycock." Perhaps, even, "balderdash." "There is only four or five guys I would trust in evaluating quarterbacks because I don't think there are many guys that understand what you're trying to do...
Daily Norseman Jul 28, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Photo Gallery, Defensive Recap, News and Notes

Daily Norseman covers the highlights from the Monday afternoon practice in Mankato complete with a photo gallery and a first-glance recap of the defensive side of the ball. It was hot and muggy in Mankato on Monday afternoon for the second full day of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp. This is not a complaint; I am a firm believer that Minnesota residents should never complain about weather that is warmer than room temperature. We only get a few precious moments of summer every year and we should enjoy it. Similarly, I only get a few precious days to cover camp every year as a...
Daily Norseman Jul 27, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Two: AM News and Notes

A recap of Monday morning's Minnesota Vikings Training Camp walkthrough along with recaps of the press conferences of George Edwards and Norv Turner. To quote the famous North American poet Marshall Mathers from his classic sonnet "Square Dance": "PEOPLE!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!" For the first time in a while, I was actually excited to go to "work" on a Monday morning. Because this particular Monday signified the beginning of my annual pilgrimage to Mankato that symbolizes the end of a long, dark, depressing stretch of time without football in our lives. In other words, I'm back at...
Daily Norseman Jul 27, 2015

Mike Zimmer On Bringing Back Adrian Peterson

Even though running back Adrian Peterson has been back in the fold with the Minnesota Vikings for a couple of months, it's still a topic of conversation within the national media. In an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was asked about how much of his time this offseason was spent "brokering a peace" between Peterson and the franchise. Zimmer responded that it was a pretty significant amount, though obviously he couldn't put an exact number on it or anything like that. In a related story, apparently Rich Eisen has his own show now. I can't be the only one that...

Vikings sign former Lions CB Josh Thomas

A cornerback who was briefly with the Detroit Lions at the end of last season has signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Of the 23 Detroit Lions players who became free agents this offseason, only Rob Sims, Dominic Raiola and Ashlee Palmer haven't signed somewhere. That list previously included cornerback Josh Thomas, but he joined the Minnesota Vikings last Friday. As a result, all but three of the Lions' 2015 free agents have inked a deal this offseason, either in Detroit or elsewhere. (Jed Collins is currently a free agent, but he briefly signed with the Dallas Cowboys, and Corey Hilliard...
Daily Norseman Jul 27, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Two Open Thread

When is a Monday better than your normal Monday? Why, when it's the second day of Minnesota Vikings' Training Camp, that's when! Our own Eric Thompson will be live from Mankato both today and tomorrow covering the action for us. You can follow him and a lot of other folks on the widget that J-Dog has put together for our Training Camp coverage. Tweets from https://twitter.com/JoshDungan1/lists/training-camp-list Once again, I'd like to ask that all of the normal Open Thread shenanigans be limited to the daily Open Thread, with this one being used for discussion of what's going in at...
Daily Norseman Jul 27, 2015

Vikings To Begin Implementing Virtual Reality Technology

We know that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater likes to give himself extra practice "reps" by programming the team's playbook into his copy of Madden NFL and running the offense. From what the team announced yesterday, he might have an opportunity to be a part of something a bit more realistic. Via the team website, the Vikings announced that they are the fourth team to sign a contract with a company called STRIVR Labs, a company that specializes in virtual reality instructional technology. The other teams that are working with STRIVR are the Dallas Cowboys, New England...
Daily Norseman Jul 27, 2015

2015 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Notebook: Day One

Want to get the latest nitty gritty detail on training camp? Head over here. There never is much to report on the first day of training camp, but you always find that it sets the tone for the fans and controls a lot of our expectations. I didn’t end up tweeting as much during the day as I have in past practices, and a big part of that has to do with how worrisome it is that one can set a narrative for a player early on in camp that becomes difficult to shake. Remember Bobby Felder? There’s a lot to absorb on the first day, but nothing more than the fact that it’s the first day....

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