1:47 PM EST, Wed March 04, 2015
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Buffalo Rumblings 1 hour ago

Matt Cassel traded to Buffalo Bills from Minnesota Vikings

The Buffalo Bills have acquired their veteran quarterback: it's Matt Cassel, and he's coming via trade from the Minnesota Vikings. On Wednesday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills announced that they have acquired veteran quarterback Matt Cassel from the Minnesota Vikings. In doing so, they surrender two undisclosed draft picks to the Vikings, in exchange for Cassel and one undisclosed draft pick. The news comes less than 24 hours after the Bills acquired running back LeSean McCoy from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso. Much more coming soon.
Daily Norseman 5 hours ago

Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 3/4

Happy hump day, ladies and gentlemen! Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . . -We took a look at the Minnesota Vikings' defensive line situation as we head into free agency and the real start of the off-season. -Adrian Peterson has said that he's willing to restructure his deal to facilitate a trade. To stay with the Minnesota Vikings? Maybe not so much. -In a shocking move, the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade the NFL's third-leading rusher, LeSean McCoy, to the Buffalo Bills. Could this mean something for a (potential) Adrian Peterson trade? From some other...

Adrian Peterson reportedly willing to restructure contract in trade to Arizona Cardinals

Just another way the Cardinals are connected to the back. The Arizona Cardinals continue to come up hen it deals with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. We have many reports that say the Cardinals will pursue Peterson, especially if he hits the open market. The Vikings have not decided to release him yet, so the only way to acquire him would be via trade. That's where the latest report comes in. According to Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson, Peterson has given the Vikings a list of five teams for whom he would be willing to restructure his contract to facilitate a trade. The...
Daily Norseman 12 hours ago

Philadelphia Eagles Trade LeSean McCoy To Buffalo

A star running back was traded on Tuesday in the National Football League. No, not that one. . .another one. The Philadelphia Eagles agreed to trade running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso in a rare (at least for the NFL) player-for-player swap with no other draft picks included. McCoy was third in the National Football League in rushing yardage in 2014, running for 1,319 yards in Chip Kelly's offense. That came a year after he was the NFL's leading rusher with 1,607 yards. If you want more on the trade, be sure to check out our friends...
Daily Norseman 17 hours ago

Report: Peterson Willing To Re-Structure Contract To Facilitate A Trade

He reportedly has five teams he's willing to consider re-structuring his contract for, if it will improve trade prospects With the LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso trade as a backdrop, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has given the franchise a list of teams he would be willing to re-structure his contract for to help facilitate a trade, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! sports According to Robinson, those teams are Dallas, Arizona, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Tampa Bay. When you add in the McCoy for Alonso trade, there are a couple things that stick out for me: 1) The Vikings can get a good...
Daily Norseman 23 hours ago

Minnesota Vikings 2015 Look-Ahead: Defensive Line

We continue our look at what the Minnesota Vikings could, potentially, look like going forward, and our focus now shifts to the defensive side of the ball with a look at the defensive line. The defensive line for the Vikings was, for the most part, a source of strength in 2014, and it doesn't appear to be a position where a lot of changes need to be made. We'll start with the defensive ends, and the player that might have been the Vikings' defensive MVP last season in Everson Griffen. (I say "may have been" because he had plenty of competition for that title.) When it came out last season...
Daily Norseman Mar 3, 2015

Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 3/3

One week from today, we will be preparing for the start of NFL free agency. No real read on what the Minnesota Vikings are going to do at this point, but we'll be doing our best to track it every step of the way. Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . . -The Vikings would like to keep linebacker Chad Greenway around. . .for a significantly lower price. -The team has also started talking with running back Adrian Peterson. -The franchise and transition numbers have come out, and they could have a bearing on whether or not the Vikings exercise their fifth-year option on Matt...
Daily Norseman Mar 2, 2015

Rick Spielman Wheels And Deals: A One Act Parody

With rumors floating around about whether or not Adrian Peterson will or won't be traded, we wondered how the whole process works With rumors floating out on the Internet that Adrian Peterson either won't play for the Vikings, or the Vikings have been trying to trade him for weeks, we here at The Daily Norseman have done what we could to get to the bottom of this.* *Not really. No one really knows anything, so we're throwing as much up on the wall to see what sticks as anyone. We actually snuck into the Vikings offices at Winter park and tapped Rick Spielman's phone.** **We really didn't....
Daily Norseman Mar 2, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Have Expensive Decision Coming On Matt Kalil

The National Football League released their figures for franchise and transition player tenders on Monday. Let's take a look at those and how they apply to the Minnesota Vikings, even though our favorite football team will not be using either tag on any of their pending free agents. The franchise number is the average salary of the top five players at a given position, while the transition number is the average salary of the top ten players at that position. Position Franchise Number Transition Number Quarterback $18.51 million $16.12 million Running Back $10.93 million $9.02...
Daily Norseman Mar 2, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Have Had Dialogue With Adrian Peterson

When it came out that the Minnesota Vikings could, in fact, have contact with running back Adrian Peterson, the hope was that those talks would start sooner rather than later, as we're about a week from the start of NFL free agency. Well, according to General Manager Rick Spielman today, the team has, in fact, started a dialogue with Peterson and his camp. Unfortunately, that's all that Spielman would say about the situation, other than to repeat the team's desire to bring Peterson back to the Vikings for the 2015 season. Of course, we know that just about every day is Opposite Day when it...
Daily Norseman Mar 2, 2015

Vikings Want To Keep Chad Greenway. . .For Less

We're getting close to the start of free agency in the National Football League, and while we're waiting for cuts around the league to really start flowing, one of the main names that fans of the Minnesota Vikings are concerned about is linebacker Chad Greenway. Greenway is slated to make a little more than $7 million in 2015, and the consensus has been that if he does come back, there's no way he's going to be making that amount of money. His level of play has really dropped off over the past couple of seasons, and he's battled injuries in both. Both the team and Greenway have acknowledged...

Adrian Peterson on his way out with Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are working hard to get rid of star running back Adrian Peterson, Arif Hasan of Vikings Territory reports. Multiple teams are interested in the running back, and it sounds like the Vikings are willing to take whatever they can get for him. Peterson missed almost all of last season after being accused of beating his four-year-old son bloody with a switch. The legal charges were settled with a misdemeanor charge, a fine and 80 hours of community service, but the NFL still kept him suspended. That suspension was lifted this week after the NFLPA won a lawsuit against the...
Daily Norseman Mar 2, 2015

Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 3/2

Welcome to March, ladies and gentlemen, and your new and improved Open Thread! Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . . -We took a look at what the Minnesota Vikings could potentially be doing with their offensive line going into the 2015 season. -Not long after the posting of that story, the Vikings cut guard Charlie Johnson. We have powers, y'all. -College football Pro Days kick off today, and we have the full list of them for you. -Running back Adrian Peterson released a statement on Friday about his current situation. -We put together v2.0 of our Mock Draft Database...
Daily Norseman Mar 1, 2015

Competition Committee Exploring Potential Changes To NFL Rosters

The National Football League's Competition Committee is exploring a couple of different changes that could play a role in how NFL rosters look in the very near future. The first change the Competition Committee is considering is expanding active rosters from 53 to 55 players. That would create an extra 64 jobs in the National Football League, increasing the number of active players from 1,696 to 1,760. As Mike Florio points out at Pro Football Talk, this means that there will be more jobs available, but if the salary cap doesn't increase, there's going to be less money for each player on...
Daily Norseman Mar 1, 2015

Pro Football Focus Looks At The Minnesota Vikings' Depth Chart

Prior to the start of free agency, the folks from Pro Football Focus are going through each NFL roster and grading the depth charts for each team. They took their turn with the Minnesota Vikings a few days ago, and there's some good news and some bad news to talk about. The depth charts don't include players that are currently slated to be free agents, which is why you won't see players like defensive tackle Tom Johnson or offensive lineman Joe Berger. Most of the bad news comes from the offensive side of things, as you'd probably expect. Of the 12 spots that PFF looked at on the offensive...
Daily Norseman Mar 1, 2015

Minnesota Vikings "Unsure" About Bringing Back Matt Cassel?

Chalk this up as a bit of a surprise, at least to me. According to Fox Sports North, Minnesota Vikings' General Manager Rick Spielman has been quoted as saying that nothing has been decided for sure about the team's backup quarterback situation. Honestly, I'm not sure what the team has to decide about. Cassel's contract calls for him to make a shade over $4 million this season, and while that sounds like a lot of money for a backup. . .and it probably is. . .with starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater having a cap figure of just over $1.5 million for 2015, it isn't something that the team...
Daily Norseman Feb 28, 2015

2015 Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database, v2.0

The 2015 NFL Scouting Combine is officially in the books, ladies and gentlemen, and with that the "silly season" of NFL scouting is really going to start taking off. We have Pro Days on the horizon for the next five or six weeks (not to mention NFL free agency) all leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft from 30 April to 2 May in Chicago. How has the Scouting Combine affected our Mock Draft Database? Well, the guy that was leading last time is still the leader, but he isn't running away with things to quite the extent he was a week ago. We're up to 50 drafts in the database for this week, and...
Daily Norseman Feb 27, 2015

Adrian Peterson Releases Statement

In his first public words since the craziness that went down yesterday, Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson released a statement about his current status. Here is the entirety of that statement, via Pro Football Talk. I was pleased to learn about Judge Doty's decision. It is a positive step in protecting players' rights and preserving due process for all players. It also brings me one step closer to getting back on the football field and playing the sport I love. As I prepare for my return to football, I am still focused on my family and continue to work to become a better...
Daily Norseman Feb 27, 2015

2015 NFL Draft: Complete List Of College Pro Days

Now that the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine is over, the time for college football "Pro Days" has finally come around. Pro Days are important for those scouts that think an hour and a half workout should trump three or four years of game tape when it comes to determining the future of a franchise. (HAHAHAHAHAHA Teddy RULZ!) The Pro Day circuit will get underway on Monday with the first set, and will go on pretty solid through the early portion of April. You'll be able to use this list to find the schools that have prospects that you might be interested in, and we'll try to have some results for...
Daily Norseman Feb 27, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Cut Charlie Johnson

With the start of free agency rapidly approaching, the Minnesota Vikings have made their first roster cut of the off-season, as the team has announced that they've cut ties with starting left guard Charlie Johnson. Johnson game to the Vikings in 2011 after being cut by the Indianapolis Colts. He was originally started to play left guard, but was plugged into the left tackle spot after Bryant McKinnie arrived at Vikings' training camp weighing approximately 800 pounds*. He didn't perform well at left tackle, and the drafting of Matt Kalil pushed him back to left guard in 2012. This shouldn't...

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    Matt Cassel

    Vikings trade quarterback Matt Cassel to Buffalo for draft pick

  • 2 Joe Berger

    Joe Berger

    Pro Football Focus Looks At The Minnesota Vikings' Depth Chart

  • 2 Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

    Agents for Tom Johnson, Joe Berger seeking significant raises in free agency

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    Brandon Bostick

    Former Green Bay TE Brandon Bostick tells website he received death threats after botched onside kick recovery

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    Teddy Bridgewater

    The Film Room: Can Jameis Winston Turn Tampa Into A Superpower?

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