6:29 PM EST, Thu December 25, 2014

NFL Insider: Handing out holiday gifts

It's gift-giving time, and NFL commish Roger Goodell is first on NFL Insider's list.
San Diego Union-Tribune 8 hours ago

Bolts: Antonio Gates got robbed

Chargers S Eric Weddle said Antonio Gates should take out his Pro Bowl snub on the Chiefs.
San Diego Union-Tribune 10 hours ago

Dontrelle Inman finds success in details

The Chargers wide receiver looked prepared last Saturday. It's because he did.

Voters wronged King Dunlap

Chargers left tackle King Dunlap belongs in the Pro Bowl though he wasn't voted in.

Steve Williams credits pants for big game

The Chargers cornerback made an equipment change before kickoff against the 49ers.

Are Chargers lucky or good? Or both?

Team has gotten (made) just enough breaks en route to win-and-in game at Kansas City.

NFL Mock Draft 2015: QB's go 1-2

Looking forward to the NFL Draft? Let us tell you what will happen.

Philip Rivers awarded after big weekend

Philip Rivers and his son rooted for the Texans like true fans, he said.

If Bolts beat Chiefs, who's your choice?

Under Marvin Lewis, the Bengals are 0-5 in the postseason.

Eric Weddle selected to Pro Bowl again

The Chargers safety has been selected for consecutive years.

Andy Reid, McCoy have a quirky past

The Chargers' Mike McCoy was a Packers practice-squad coach under Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Three Chargers absent from practice

The Chargers practiced Tuesday morning without three starters.
San Jose Mercury News Dec 23, 2014

Watch San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick yell out 'Obama' during Chargers game

In case you missed it, prior to a snap of the ball during the San Diego Chargers game, San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick yells out what is pretty much heard as "Obama" at the line.

Chargers should have edge over Chiefs

The Chargers, unlike the Chiefs, still control their playoff fate.

Manti Te'o moves forward: 'Find a new joke'

The Chargers inside linebacker has shown he's far past the fake girlfriend story.

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