3:55 PM EST, Sun March 01, 2015
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Tennessee Titans free agent shopping list: defense

Which name should draw the most attention at each position. The Tennessee Titans are poised to spend anywhere from $44 million to $60 million this offseason if they really make a push in free agency. Not only does this organization need to make moves, but the crop of free agents is uncommonly strong and deep this year. These are the names of the best players in free agency by position, and then a cheaper alternative if the Titans miss their chance. Some situations will have more than one name at the top because it is really splitting hairs, so their may be more than one "best"...

Titans Player News

  • Zach Mettenberger

    Zach Mettenberger

    NFL Draft will determine former LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger's future with Tennessee Titans

  • Jake Locker

    Jake Locker

    2015 NFL Draft: Should the Titans Bet on Mett?

  • Taylor Lewan

    Taylor Lewan

    SI Now Thursday February 12, 2015

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