5:11 AM EDT, Wed May 25, 2016
Defending Big D May 3, 2016

2016 NHL Playoffs: Dallas Stars Seek First Win in St. Louis This Season in Game 3

It's a late one- 8:30pm (probably 8:42) on NBC Sports Network. The Dallas Stars had all the momentum Sunday. They forced their way into overtime after a lackluster first period saw them fall behind 3-1. A trio of Antoine Roussel penalties finally proved their undoing, however, and now they must find a win on the road to continue. "You've got to take the officials out of the equation," Lindy Ruff said of the afternoon. "We had our power plays and didn't do a good-enough job." A more accurate and succinct post-game wrap-up you'll not find. They had their opportunities, but did not execute....
Defending Big D May 2, 2016

Stars' Overtime Penalties and Special Teams Doom Them in Game 2: Six Easy Tweets

Dallas lost in Overtime but it wasn't just because of Antoine Roussel's penalty. How they got there was a team effort. Fine. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a perpetrator of an overtime penalty that costs you a hockey game. I think that's what Harvey Dent says. Whatever the case, St. Louis has now tied a series with the Dallas Stars. I see a lot of regret coming from fans.If it's not the interference call on Roussel, it's Roussel's 3 penalties. Except that's not what cost Dallas the game. Two awful breakdowns, an aggressively inept Power Play (this...

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