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Nucks Misconduct Jul 24, 2015

I Want to Know What Jim Benning Did This Summer (Part 2: The Summer of Not Very Much Love)

Welcome to my Summer Series, breaking down the Vancouver Canucks off-season moves and diagnostically evaluating the state of the franchise. No big deal. Yes. I'm leading off a hockey blog with a Boyz II Men clip. Hell, I left you last time with a Marky Mark photo from 1988, so really this blog is already sinking lower than a Brad Marchand submarine "hip check", and I can't really argue that I have all that much to lose. So, before I'm banned from the internet forever, let me explain why. It's to help those that are hurting right now, because like so many high school girls who were shedding...
Boston Herald Jul 2, 2015
Bruins moves a shock to Brad Marchand

Bruins moves a shock to Brad Marchand

WARREN, R.I. — These are some topsy-turvy times for the Bruins and their fans.

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