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Brayden Schenn's contract is fair market value, but will he justify the investment?

The Flyers did not "overpay" Schenn, at least based upon comparable players and contracts. But which Brayden Schenn will Philadelphia get over the next four years? The last major piece of business for the Philadelphia Flyers this offseason was the contract status of one Brayden Schenn. A breakout offensive season sent Schenn's value soaring just as he was about to hit restricted free agency, and the newfound surge in production was clearly complicating contract negotiations. With arbitration rapidly approaching, the two sides struggled to come to an agreement. Finally, an hour after the...
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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Arbitration schmarbitration.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes... *Ron Hextall don't need to stinking arbitrators. He does ALL THE DEALS. So yeah Brandon Manning, two years, $1.95. Not bad at all. [BSH] *Brayden Schenn is going to prove he's worth his big contract, yeah yeah that's what they all say. [NHL.com] *But seriously though, the contract Schenn got was the contract he deserved. [Sons of Penn] *The Lehigh Valley Phantoms will have some new faces this season and they're hoping to push the team over the hump. [Highland Park Hockey] *Speaking of AHL...
Broad Street Hockey Jul 26, 2016

Tuesday Morning Fly By: A little drama would've been fun.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes... *The Flyers and Brayden Schenn avoided the dramatics of arbitration and came to an agreement on a four year deal early yesterday morning. Summer is boring; it would've been fun to have a little fireworks. But Schenn is locked down for 4 years at a reasonable price so hooray. [BSH] *But really, if the Flyers are going to come out winners in this thing they're going to need Schenn to build on last year's late-season success. [ProHockeyTalk] *So let's take a step back and look at the Flyers...
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

Ron Hextall: Flyers 'feel very comfortable' with Brayden Schenn deal

Ron Hextall was pleased to lock up Brayden Schenn with a four-year contract shortly before an arbitration hearing.
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Speaks at the DNC

NBC10s Jim Rosenfield sits down with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney at the Wells Fargo Center for the Democratic National Convention.
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

Lightning, Hail, Flooding Hit Region

Severe storms caused rain, hail, wind and lightning to slam the region on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Check out photos from our viewers.
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

Roob's 25 Random Points: Kenjon Barner, Freddy Galvis, Father John Misty and more

In this edition of Roobs Random 25 Points, we touch on Kenjon Barners role, Freddy Galvis RBIs and Father John Misty at the XPN Fest. By Reuben Frank
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

Protests, Marches and More from the DNC in Philly

The Democratic National Convention began on July 25 with demonstrators, marchers and supporters battling the sweltering heat in Philadelphia, as the DNC officially apologized to Bernie Sanders amid a fresh email...Photo Credit:
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

"I Put 44,000 Miles On My Car For Bernie"

Bernie Sanders supporters are taking a stand and hoping to make their views known at the DNC. NBC10s Ted Greenberg visited their campground in Pittsgrove Township, Salem County Monday.Photo Credit: NBC10
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

After Over A Year Of Preparations, DNC Is Underway

After a year and a half of preparations, the DNC is underway in a historic convention for Philadelphia with the first woman expected to be nominated to run for president. NBC10s George Spencer has more from the...Photo Credit:
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

Politicalfest Draws Family Fun During DNC

The DNC isnt just about politics and delegates, there is some family fun to be had in the city. NBC10s Cydney Long has more from the Pennsylvania Convention Center and a cool way to get involved at...
Broad Street Hockey Jul 25, 2016

Where the Flyers 2016-17 salary cap situation stands after Brayden Schenn’s new contract

With Brayden Schenn under contract for $5.125 million per year, here’s how the Flyers 2016-17 cap situation looks. With Brayden Schenn now under contract with the Philadelphia Flyers for the 2016-17 season (and three more years beyond), the team’s salary cap situation has become a little more clear. Let’s break it down, with help from General Fanager. That site currently has the Flyers with a projected cap hit of $71.61 million for 2016-17, which would leave them with $1.38 million in cap space entering the year. But it’s a little less clear than that, and the needle could move...
CSN Philly Jul 25, 2016

DNC Love Story

Despite the political frenzy from the DNC, a couple made time for some romance and got engaged on DNC stage inside the Wells Fargo Center.Photo Credit: NBC10
philly.com Jul 25, 2016

Flyers sign Braden Schenn to new four-year deal

At first, it seemed the Flyers and Brayden Schenn were heading to arbitration Monday morning. But all of a sudden, general manager Ron Hextall surprisingly announced a new four-year contract for the 24-year-old forward.
Broad Street Hockey Jul 25, 2016

Brayden Schenn, Flyers agree to four-year, $20.5 million deal

With arbitration looming, the Flyers and their restricted free agent forward have agreed on a new four-year contract. About an hour or so after the Flyers and forward Brayden Schenn were scheduled to begin their arbitration hearing on Monday morning, the team announced that they had reached an agreement with the restricted free agent forward: Per GM Ron Hextall, the #Flyers have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with Brayden Schenn → https://t.co/lRSvE8sK0B— Philadelphia Flyers (@NHLFlyers) July 25, 2016 TSN’s Bobby McBoatface, who may or may not actually be named Bob...

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