12:55 AM EDT, Tue August 30, 2016
Second City Hockey Aug 10, 2016

Brian Campbell did 'cupping' before Michael Phelps made it cool

He's a cupping hipster. Michael Phelps has garnered a lot of attention for-- well, mostly for his swimming prowess and numerous Olympic gold medals, a tally he just won't stop adding towards. But he's also getting attention for those weird dark circles that have appeared on his back. The circles come from a technique known as cupping, and it isn't exclusive to Phelps. Brian Campbell apparently does it, too. My patients have been getting "gold metal" treatments for yearsssssssss #cupping #coolkids #notnew pic.twitter.com/qzjr0DrQ3P — Dr. Missy Holas (@MissyHolas) August 10,...