6:22 AM EDT, Sun August 28, 2016
Pension Plan Puppets Aug 10, 2016

Brooks Laich has a new exercise challenge for us

He's making working out fun this offseason! First, Brooks Laich came to tell us about the power of wide leg squats. Then, he returned to tell us to walk around on our hands. Now he's back, and he wants us to do the Tabata Row - and hopefully, hit 1,000 metres in the process. Finishing piece of today's workout - "Tabata Row!" Goes like this - 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, and that's it! The goal is to get 1000 meters, I ended up getting 1052! Give it a shot and let me know your score! I hope someone beats me so the standard gets raised for the next time I try this!!...
Pension Plan Puppets Aug 6, 2016

Here's Brooks Laich walking around on his hands

"Walk this way"? How fitting. Brooks Laich's Instagram has been a pretty active place over this summer. A lot of it is typical summer fun activities, but some of them have related to his job over the offseason: working out and keeping in shape so he's ready to play hockey professionally when the time comes again. (Soon!) Earlier, he recommended wide leg squats to improve skating strides. Now, it's about handstand walks - they'll help out a lot of parts of your body. Handstand walks are a great way to build stability in the shoulders, upper back, and core! The added strength in these...