5:11 PM EDT, Sun May 29, 2016
Nucks Misconduct May 13, 2016


Who's this guy? Chris Higgins was finagled away from Florida by former GMMG in Februray 2011 to ensure the Nucks had some depth for their pre-ordained cup run. Yappy Lappy also joined at the 2011 TDL, to ensure more yapping for their pre-ordained cup run. But, this post is about Chris Higgins, so keep quiet, Yappy! At the time, it was seen as shrewd move by Gillis to bring in a consummate 3rd liner at his peak. Chris also had a beardless childhood a long time ago on a long island. I didn't know that. BIRTHPLACE: SMITHTOWN, NY, UNITED STATES NUMBER: 20 HEIGHT: 6' 0" WEIGHT:...

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