1:02 AM EDT, Tue April 21, 2015

From The United Kingdom, Thank You Calgary

The late nights, the years of hurt - all worth it. Being a Flames fan in the UK is often thankless work. There's not many of us. We don't have geographical allegiances to work from, we can just pick our teams. It's why a lot of Brits are fans of the Rangers, the Pens, the Red Wings - the big names, the ones with history of winning. I became a Flames fan because when I first started watching hockey over here, Cory Sarich's brother Rod was playing for my team. I thought that was as good an excuse as any, and promptly settled myself in to follow a new team in a far away land. No, I didn't know...

NHL Player News

  • 4 Justin Abdelkader

    Justin Abdelkader

    Justin Abdelkader's size, physical presence, scoring much-needed elements for Red Wings in playoffs

  • 4 Alex Ovechkin

    Alex Ovechkin

    Islanders have neutralized Ovi so far

  • 3 Steven Stamkos

    Steven Stamkos

    Lightning Notebook: Quincey Puts Biting Rumor To Rest

  • 3 Johnny Boychuk

    Johnny Boychuk

    Playoff veteran Johnny Boychuk has priorities straight

  • 3 Eric Fehr

    Eric Fehr

    Caps Insider: Forward Eric Fehr sidelined for at least next two games