10:15 AM EDT, Fri May 29, 2015

Weise: “We are feeling good about ourselves”

TAMPA — Dale Weise and the Montreal Canadiens are getting some inspiration from the 2014 Stanley Cup champions. “We all kind of talked about the Kings winning the Cup last year after being down three (games in the first around against the San Jose Sharks),” Weise said on Thursday afternoon after the Canadiens arrived at […]
Habs Eyes On The Prize Apr 29, 2015

The Canadiens are struggling to score, but it's not from a lack of opportunities

Montreal only managed to score nine even-strength goals during their series with the Senators, but if we dig a little there's a silver lining to the scoring woes. Why aren't the Habs scoring? It's the question most fans are asking right now as the team prepares to face either the Red Wings or the Lightning in the second round. Dale Weise is the only forward with more than one 5 vs 5 goal, leaving the top-six with a paltry scoring record of four goals over six games. Simply put, that's not a healthy number, however the fact remains that almost every player on the team is participating in...

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