6:05 PM EDT, Fri May 27, 2016
Stanley Cup of Chowder May 18, 2016

My kingdom for a defenseman, part 2: Schlemko or Lovejoy could be cheap deals on defense for the Bruins

You might already know Schlemko is secretly good, but did you know Lovejoy may secretly be better? In part 1 of this series, we looked at why the Bruins may want to explore signing some free agency defensemen. Check it out here. In that article, I identified 3 things that can lead to a good UFA signing: 1. We want a guy who's underrated, so his market value will likely be below his actual to-the-team value 2. We want a guy who's not that old on a relatively short contract 3. We want a guy who's playing style hopefully won't cause him to burn out quickly after starting his deal These aren't...

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