7:58 PM EDT, Sat May 28, 2016

Kevan Miller showed little growth in 2015-16

The grade is appropriate for a player who has shown little growth on the main roster. Age: 28 NHL Statline: 5 goals, 13 Assists, 18 points, 53 Penalty Minutes, 7.8 Shot Percentage Aggregate Grade: F I think, more than anything else, Kevan Miller is frustrating. A stay at home defenseman should be, in most cases, a "low event" player. Which is to say a safe, boring pick to have on the ice at any time. And not all players have to be the next Kevin Shattenkirk or Drew Doughty, here's plenty of good that can come of a player who can just hold down the fort. And in a way? It's incredibly...

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