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Oilers Nation Aug 16, 2017

WWYDW: What would you be willing to do to bring in a franchise defenceman?

Let’s imagine, for a moment, a spectacularly unlikely hypothetical situation: The Los Angeles Kings crater next season. Further, the Kings determine that between their older core, their salary cap problems and their poor performance both during and post-Darryl Sutter, the timing is right for a rebuild. As a result, they determine to shop Drew Doughty...
LA Kings Insider Jul 26, 2017

Player evaluation: Doughty

DREW DOUGHTY This season: 82 games, 12 goals, 32 assists, 44 points, 46 penalty minutes, +8 rating, +0.9% CF%Rel, 27:09 time on ice The good: He’s Drew Doughty. He sees the ice like Neo sees The Matrix. Sadly, the most recent Kings season was basically The Matrix Revolutions, a disappointing follow-up to a disappointing follow-up, […] The post Player evaluation: Doughty appeared first on LA Kings Insider.

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