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Rangers player evaluations — Oscar Lindberg

The fact that Oscar Lindberg needed some serious post-season surgery on his hip, an injury that occurred over time, makes you wonder to what degree he was hampered during his rookie season. We know that Lindberg pretty much lost his spot as a regular player after the Rangers acquired Eric Staal at the trade deadline [...] The post Rangers player evaluations — Oscar Lindberg appeared first on Rangers Report.
On the Forecheck May 23, 2016

Free Agency Preview: Eric Staal

It's only fitting that we start our preview of this summer's targets with the guy we joked about trading for last summer. The Basic Info There was a time when Eric Staal was an amazing hockey player. He brought a cup to Carolina, and scored a bunch of goals in the process. He then went on to keep up a steady career in the NHL, posting 70 point seasons up until the last lockout, when he finished with 53 points in 48 games in that shortened season. But the last two years have stained his value. In a summer where names like Stamkos, Ladd, Eriksson, and Backes will be in demand... this former...

Rangers player evaluations — Eric Staal

To say that the rental of Eric Staal didn’t go well would be an understatement. How much of the fault for that is on Staal is debatable. But the Rangers were the second best team in the East, behind runaway Washington, and playing their best hockey of the entire season when the trade deadline came along. [...] The post Rangers player evaluations — Eric Staal appeared first on Rangers Report.
Blueshirt Banter May 14, 2016

Keep Or Dump: Eric Staal

Should the Rangers keep or dump Eric Staal. Or, more importantly, is there even a decision to be made here? I'm not really sure we have to do a story on this. Actually, I'm nearly positive we could have done without this story. Maybe it's my OCD, but I do want to have a Keep Or Dump for every free agent, the same way we'll be doing report cards for every player. So, yeah, you're getting one. Plus it's the weekend during the offseason. What else are you doing? Eric Staal is basically a lock to be gone this offseason. It's all but confirmed he was brought to New York to be the final piece...

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