2:32 AM EDT, Sat August 02, 2014
Rotoworld Jul 22, 2014

Logan Couture stands up for Joe Thornton - Logan Couture (C) San Jose Sharks

Logan Couture feels Joe Thornton doesn't deserve to have the captaincy taken from him.
Fear The Fin Jul 16, 2014

Joe Thornton is still San Jose's underrated MVP

Joe Thornton doesn't score like he used to, and everyone playing around him is reaping the benefits. You might have heard that Doug Wilson wants to trade Joe Thornton to change the culture of the San Jose Sharks. This is a lot like your boss firing the best coworker you have because he bailed on the boss' super cool barbecue/pool party. The narrative makers who dare to keep us lowly sports blogs accountable will tell you that Thornton is nothing but a playoff choker because they are stupid. I imagine some of you will be rushing to the comments any moment now to tell me some version of the...

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