5:00 PM EDT, Mon September 01, 2014
Lighthouse Hockey Aug 6, 2014

John Persson on Alex Ovechkin, Brent Sutter and New York Islanders fans

John Persson was sad to see Anders Nilsson go, and confirms that all Sutters are rather cantankerous. Hockeysverige has a great interview with John Persson (h/t Swedish reader and talisman David). If you don't know your Frolunda from your Lulea, we recommend you run it through the Google Translate. That's what we did, and with that tool and a little bit of sorcery we'll distill a few of the nuggets below. On Brent Sutter, his GM in Red Deer when he played in the WHL: I did not see him so much. He was very tough, as he is known to be. He does not smile much, not even when his team wins. All...

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