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St. Louis Game Time Oct 17, 2014

Friday Links - Barrel-Racing Dachshund

Let's forget last night happened for a little bit . . . except for the time when I remind you that last night happened . . . and watch another adorable dachshund be awesome. Oh, and it's FRIDAY. If Jonathan Quick comes down with a sudden case of food poisoning, remember . . . it wasn't any of us. BLUES NEWS: The Blues out-Corsi'd the ever-loving FUCK out of Corsi-darlings, the Kings, last night. But they couldn't get any of their 43 shots past Jonathan Quick, and Jeff Carter scored the lone shootout goal by either side to give the Kings a 1-0 win. AND WE HAVE A RECAP! By my links...
Jewels From The Crown Oct 17, 2014

Blues @ Kings Recap: Jonathan Quick Steals One From St. Louis

43 saves and one shootout goal? I guess that works.
LA Kings Insider Oct 9, 2014

Practicing finishing, and Quick’s end zone communication

On Thursday the Kings practiced an interesting end zone drill that was “sort of a spin of a forecheck drill,” as it was described by Darryl Sutter. In the drill, the team used either no defensemen or one defenseman in transitions into the offensive zone, leading to some bizarre odd-man rushes that greatly challenged the two goalies. Three-on-zeroes aren’t exactly easy to stop. “It’s just tough because you don’t have your own players to read off of,” Jonathan Quick said. “In a game, there would be situations where they would definitely shoot, but like in that drill, they were...

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