11:43 AM EDT, Fri August 22, 2014

Roenick sees big things for Kane, Toews

Former Chicago Blackhawks star Jeremy Roenick remembers what it felt like to sign his first long-term deal. The pressure melted away, the sense of anxiety about contract negotiations dissipated and Roenick was allowed to channel all his energy onto the ice. He suspects current Hawks superstars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who inked matching eight-year, $84 million deals this summer, will experience the same. If that’s the case, watch out.
Rotoworld Aug 4, 2014

Jonathan Toews voted 'top franchise player' - Jonathan Toews (C) Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Toews edged out Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby for first place in a poll which ranked the top-5 franchise players in the league.

Schmaltz leaves strong first impression

CHICAGO -- Nick Schmaltz may just be a future linemate for Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane with the Chicago Blackhawks. Schmaltz is only 18 years old and heading into his freshman year at North Dakota, so he won’t be joining the duo anytime soon. But with Kane and Toews signing their eight-year extensions and Schmaltz showing off some rare offensive ability at the Blackhawks prospect camp last week, it’s not a complete reach to envision Schmaltz complementing one of their lines down the line.

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