12:36 AM EDT, Sat August 27, 2016
Second City Hockey Aug 15, 2016

NHL Network ranks Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook top 15 defensemen

The Blackhawks' top pairing still commands a lot of respect. August means summer, and summer means no hockey, and no hockey means it's time to find other ways to talk about hockey. To cope with the off-season, NHL Network has turned to counting down players - and once again, two members of the Chicago Blackhawks find themselves on the list. Last week, NHL Network went with forwards, showing Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews a lot of love. This week, it's defensemen. Brent Seabrook came in at number 13 on NHL Network's Top 20 list, while Duncan Keith found himself all the way up at number...
Second City Hockey Aug 14, 2016

Blackhawks a favorite to sign Jimmy Vesey with pitch involving Jonathan Toews, per reports

The latest on the Hawks' pursuit of young forward Jimmy Vesey, and some thoughts on why it's a good idea. The Chicago Blackhawks don't appear to be messing around with their interest in young forward Jimmy Vesey. The 23-year-old will become an unrestricted free agent Monday and the Hawks plan to have captain Jonathan Toews involved in their pitch, per Bleacher Report's Adrian Dater. This is where things start to get interesting. Vesey's rights have been held by Buffalo over the past few months and he's a Boston native, so the Sabres and Bruins have naturally been considered top suitors for...
Second City Hockey Aug 11, 2016

Watch: Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews explains art of hockey in hilarious ad

The captain continues to have fun this summer. Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews has opened up this summer, joining Instagram and Twitter and sharing another side of himself he previously kept out of the public eye. And now he's explaining exactly why hockey is art, and paint a piece of his own in a funny advertisement from Canadian Tire: If hockey’s an art, @JonathanToews is Picasso. #CTWowGuide https://t.co/bWOc6gOGDWhttps://t.co/XYsNBjpfbf — Canadian Tire (@CanadianTire) August 9, 2016 Here's the full transcript from the video "A lot of people are surprised that...
Second City Hockey Aug 10, 2016

Jonathan Toews does Phelpsface. Michael Phelps does Toewsface?

Or is it all just Grumpy Cat? Before Michael Phelps added to his gold medal tally, his rival, Chad le Clos, was taunting him. While waiting to swim their heat in the Men's 200m Butterfly, le Clos was having fun warming up in front of Phelps, while Phelps, totally motionless the entire time, did his best Anakin Skywalker impression. Or maybe it was his best Jonathan Toews impression? Toews would agree to that - he sees the resemblance. We know how you feel. #PhelpsFace pic.twitter.com/wJZ1NTRw6W — Jonathan Toews (@JonathanToews) August 9, 2016 This is awesome. These are two elite...
Second City Hockey Aug 10, 2016

SCH GIF Contest: Does Ladd want Toews' C? vs Hossa's Bad Dinosaur impression

SCH GIF Contest Round 1 The fan convention usually produces some good GIFs, and here we have Marian Hossa giving an impression of a bad dinosaur. In the other corner, we have Jonathan Toews chirping Andrew Ladd after Kruger gave up his 16 for Ladd. Bad Dinosaur Submitted by L_B_R Do you want the captain's "C" too? submitted by L_B_R Poll Which GIF is your favorite? Hossas Bad Dinosaur impression Do you want the captains C too?   0 votes | Results
Second City Hockey Aug 8, 2016

Patrick Kane ranked hockey's top forward today by NHL Network

And Jonathan Toews was ranked number five! Success begets accolades. And if anyone has had success in this decade of hockey, it's been the Chicago Blackhawks. A lot of that success comes from their top players, so it's no surprise to see them ranked so highly on NHL Network's Top 20 Forwards Right Now - the first of their new countdown series to help pass the dull month of August by, and gear us up for the next season. So it's no surprise to see Patrick Kane ranked the NHL's top forward, especially as he led the league in scoring through the 2015-16 season. Right behind him at number five...
Second City Hockey Aug 5, 2016

Follow Jonathan Toews for all your lifestyle tips

Toews wants you to be the best you you can be. Since Jonathan Toews got social media, he's actually been a pretty vocal presence. Sometimes you'll see someone popular join and have it just fizzle out after a little while; that hasn't been the case with Toews. Especially not when he has quite a few passions in life, and he's not afraid to share them. One of those passions is the human body, and what it consumes. This makes a great deal of sense for him in particular: he's a professional athlete, so he relies on his body for work much more than the average person. Combine that passion with...
Second City Hockey Aug 5, 2016

Jonathan Toews takes his wonderful small dog fishing

Jonathan Toews: a real man who is a good dog owner. This time a year ago, Jonathan Toews was joking about having the "least manliest dog" in the NHL. Well guess what: it's a year later, and character development has occurred. Real men take their lapdogs fishing. A photo posted by Jonathan Toews (@jonathantoews) on Aug 4, 2016 at 4:13pm PDT Maybe the dog still isn't "manly," but that doesn't mean she can't still be man's best friend. He isn't picking her up or carrying her around via a little handle anymore (well, that we know of); no, now she's a loyal and trusted fishing...
Second City Hockey Aug 4, 2016

Logan Couture names Duncan Keith one of the toughest defensemen in the NHL

Also, Jonathan Toews made the cut, somehow. It's one thing to witness how tough someone is. It's even one thing to talk about how you, yourself, define toughness. But it's another thing entirely to be on the receiving end of that. Duncan Keith says he knows what toughness is. It would appear that Logan Couture, who has to frequently go up against him, would agree. Couture submitted a list to The Players' Tribune on just who he thinks are the toughest defensemen in the NHL are, and of course, Keith made the cut. He has rather high praise for him, too: Big, bruising defensemen in the mold...
Second City Hockey Aug 1, 2016

Jonathan Toews went cliff diving

Have fun! And don't get hurt! Stop me if you've heard this one before: it's the off-season, which is a great time for summer fun. And now that Jonathan Toews is on social media, we have a much greater idea of just what he's been up to. There's been the workouts, both mental and physical. There have been podcasts. Then there's just plain good ol' travelling - now featuring the exciting activity that is cliff diving. Looks wayyyyy higher when you get up there. A video posted by Jonathan Toews (@jonathantoews) on Jul 31, 2016 at 5:32pm PDT A few things: I'm sure Toews is right,...
Second City Hockey Jul 27, 2016

Duncan Keith talks how he became one of the best players in the NHL

Everything has come together in Keith's life to reach this point, as he details in the THO Podcast. Not too long ago, Jonathan Toews joined Aubrey Marcus on his podcast. Then, he talked a lot about how to be the best he can be, particularly when it comes to being a professional hockey player. Well, now it's Duncan Keith's turn. Toews' conversation was probably a bit more in depth on life in general, but Keith went much more in depth on his own personal nature, and that of the Chicago Blackhawks as well: so this is a fantastic way to spend a half hour. There is a little bit of NSFW language...