8:15 AM EDT, Sat June 25, 2016
Matchsticks and Gasoline 21 hours ago

A Statistical Look at 12 Potential Flames Goalies

The Flames will need a goalie. Fortunately there are plenty of options. A few days ago Matchsticks broke down the statistics behind Joni Ortio and it became pretty apparent that if he's the starter next year then the Calgary Flames will be in trouble. Fortunately there is quite the buyers market out there for goalies at the moment and the team will have plenty of leverage. Rumours as to which goalies the Flames will go after have run rampant.  The purpose of this isn't to credit or discredit any of those rumours, but rather take a look at some of the names that have been thrown around on...

Joni Ortio - What to expect next year and onward

Projections for the Flames prospect goalie next year and onward Joni Ortio is coming off of a year where he was probably the Calgary Flames best goalie.  If he wasn't the best, he was neck and neck with Karri Ramo.  Unfortunately for the Flames, that still wasn't very good.  Of all goalies that played in ten games or more, Ortio finished 45th out of 69 goalies in adjusted even strength save percentage. Performances like that scream NHL backup, though some feel as if there is still some untapped potential there.  Others site his performances both this year and in previous years and don't...

2015-16 Report Card: Joni Ortio

Good for the Flames - Not good compared to the league Joni Ortio Grade: C Sv% 5V5 Sv% 5V5 Sv% Low 5V5 Sv% Med. 5V5 Sv% Hi Adj. 5V5 Sv% GP TOI W L OT/SL GAA 0.903 0.9196 0.9703 0.9206 0.8409 0.92 39 1197 7 9 5 2.76 FlamesMM: B- As hard as I try to keep these report cards individualized, like many Flames Joni Ortio fell into an early season rut after having some rough games. He was eventually placed on waivers (and successfully passed through) to go down to Stockton where he put up numbers that were actually worse than his NHL numbers by this season's end. However some of it can be...

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