3:44 AM EDT, Wed July 27, 2016
Mile High Hockey Jul 22, 2016

Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL July 22nd, 2016

If only there an article to summarize the previous day’s best stories. Oh, wait. Here’s one right here! Let’s see here...flour, water, eggs, oil, butter, sugar, vanilla extract. I just know something’s missing, but I can’t quite think of it. Wait! Hockey! That’s what I’m missing!! Six generous scoops of hockey coming right up! (Dumps everything in a mixer, flips the switch, and empties the contents into a molded baking sheet.) Et viola! Cupcakes! *** Auston Matthews signs his contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Jordan Eberle is ready to anoint Connor McDavid...
St. Louis Game Time Jun 29, 2016

Is Kevin Shattenkirk's High Price Tag Scaring Away Potential Suitors?

The trade everyone expected at the draft failed to materialize. Let's start with the basic facts that we know originate from non-garbage sources. Detroit was told that it would take Dylan Larkin to complete any deal for Shattenkirk, and Edmonton came calling with Jordan Eberle or RNH and was refused, and told to return with Taylor Hall. This made Blues fans collectively gasp angrily while tearing their hair out, and the Facebook geniuses at Blue Note Lounge claimed this was all a part of Armstrong's plan to acquire Stamkos and Malkin in a megadeal. Armstrong refused to move Shattenkirk for...

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