2:15 AM EDT, Mon July 28, 2014
Habs Eyes On The Prize Jul 19, 2014

Saturday Habs Links: Brisebois resigns, Canadiens on Letang's radar, Bozon plays again

Patrice Brisebois resigns, Tom Gilbert says hi to fans, Kris Letang puts Montreal on his list of acceptable trades, and Tim Bozon returns to play in U23 tournament. Montreal Canadiens Links Director of Player Development Patrice Brisebois resigns from Montreal Canadiens for personal reasons. Meet Tom Gilbert, who signed on as a free agent from the Florida Panthers. Kris Letang puts Canadiens on his shortlist of acceptable trade destinations. Acquiring a defenceman with his cap hit while Subban is still waiting for arbitration makes no sense for Montreal, but at this point anything ...
PensBurgh Jul 11, 2014

Paul Martin and Kris Letang: A WOWY Analysis

This article explores how well the Penguins did with and without Martin and Letang in the lineup this season. One of the things I've been thinking about lately is how the Penguins' possession numbers (at the team level) changed so dramatically over the last two years. Up until the start of the lockout-shortened season, the Penguins had always been an elite possession club under Bylsma. But each of the last two years saw the Penguins finish the season in the middle of the pack in terms of Fenwick Close. A big (and generally correct) reason for the Penguins' drop in possession was their...

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