7:32 PM EDT, Sat August 29, 2015
Pension Plan Puppets Aug 21, 2015

Komarov fined €35,600 for speeding

Finnish prosecutors didn't buy Komarov's claim to have zero income. As reported by Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomatt, and translated with the assistance of Google, Leo Komarov appeared in court in Finland this morning to address two speeding fines and the circumstances of his reported income at the time they were issued. Komarov was caught speeding twice in the summer of 2014: the first time he was clocked at 77kp/h in a 50kp/h zone, and the second time he was monitored going 131kp/h in a 100kp/h zone. The big question was about his income. As we previously noted, traffic fines in...
Pension Plan Puppets Aug 9, 2015

Leo Komarav sought help for his fear of flying

Our favourite Finn does not like to fly. In an interview with Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, Leo Komarov explained that he has suffered from an intense fear of flying. According to the Google translation of reports on the interview, his fear intensified after the Lokomotiv air crash incident, which occurred while he played in the KHL. Leo goes on to say it was bad enough at one point that he sought out professional counseling to overcome the problem. It was difficult after the event. I was already close to take me to Finland, but then went a course for air rescue. It got a little better...

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