12:54 AM EDT, Tue September 16, 2014
On the Forecheck Sep 11, 2014

Mike Fisher Season Preview: The Waiting Game

While we wait on Mike Fisher's return to the lineup, we'll get to see brand new players and line combinations attempt to make up for his absence. As far as season previews go, this was a tough one to write. I was tempted to put "PRAY HE COMES BACK" in the body and call it a day, but that would just be silly. Ultimately, all of these are about wild speculation anyway, so we'll just dive in: For a hot minute, it looked like either Fish or Olli Jokinen was going to get the honor of centering James Neal, the sniper Nashville has always dreamed of. (Sorry, Colin Wilson.) Maybe not the best of...
On the Forecheck Sep 1, 2014

Carried Underwood and Mike Fisher are having a baby

Congrats! Carrie Underwood dropped a figurative (depending on how you take celebrity news) bombshell today: Just imagine how unstoppable their kids are going to be at everything. They'll be ridiculously talented, attractive athletes that will moonlight as the most popular recording artists in the worlds. No pressure, or anything. The Fisher's have been talking family plans for a while now, leading to some speculation on what exactly is going to be in Mike's future. The scope of his ankle injury didn't do anything to dispel those rumors, but one thing is for certain: regardless of if...