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Habs Eyes On The Prize Jul 20, 2016

Wednesday Habs Headlines: Brendan Gallagher’s odd friendship with Brad Marchand

Here are your daily links, including how Brendan Gallagher became friends with the Bruins pest, why the St. John’s IceCaps are getting younger and how the Pittsburgh Penguins are spending their days with the Stanley Cup. Montreal Canadiens News and Notes Brendan Gallagher opens up about his unlikely friendship with Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand, trying to convince Milan Lucic to join the Canadiens, and what he believes Shea Weber will bring to the team. [NHL | Part One | Part Two] David Desharnais is working towards becoming a more consistent scoring threat next season....
The Copper & Blue Jul 8, 2016

Forecasting Milan Lucic's 2016-17

What should Edmonton expect in Lucic's first year?

How Wayne Gretzky recruited Milan Lucic: "When the Great One calls you and tells you to go to Edmonton, you go to Edmonton."

This in, Milan Lucic on the TheRoenickLife podcast, with former NHLer Jeremy Roenick and co-host Billy Jaffe.  Lucic mentioned that when he first started in Boston in 2007-08, there were less pieces in place than they Oilers have right now with Connor McDavid.   Roenick mentioned he and Lucic were tight and had talked many […]

Milan Lucic a glue player who should stick on Connor McDavid's line

Forget the tough stuff and forget the fearsome fighting for a moment. Forget the stats, the goals, the shot rates, and the hockey actuarial analysis that attempts to zero in on a player’s “best before” date. Today, let’s focus on one thing only, what Milan Lucic brings as a player right now. Can he help […]
The Copper & Blue Jul 4, 2016

How to Love Milan Lucic

For years, Lucic seemed like the second coming of Voldemort. Now, he might become one of your favourite players. Here's why.

Cult of Hockey: Milan Lucic's new Oilers contract is buy-out proof

One of the primary hazards of signing any top unrestricted free agent is the long-term ramifications of a decline in their performance. UFA players are, by definition, older and the best of them can command long-term deals that carry them well beyond their prime years. Milan Lucic was such a free agent this year, and […]
Toronto Star Jul 1, 2016

Frenzy shows free agency favours the free: Feschuk

Even the Leafs join the over-spenders, turning third-line forward Matt Martin into Milan Lucic light.
Lighthouse Hockey Jul 1, 2016

2016 Free Agency Day and the New York Islanders

Strap in Here it is. Chat with us about free agents signed by the Islanders and others. REMEMBER: Debate, discuss, laugh and inform. But above all, be respectful to your fellow commenters and follow our community guidelines. Here's Sportsnet's coverage via NHL.com. And here's the bad news. Hope it gets better from here. Source just confirmed to me what @FriedgeHNIC tweeted. #isles and Frans Nielsen are parting company. — Arthur Staple (@StapeNewsday) July 1, 2016
CSN New England Jul 1, 2016

Lucic heads to Edmonton with seven-year, $42M deal

The Bruins had made a little noise about a Milan Lucic reunion last weekend at the draft.Instead, Lucic, 28, will be reunited with
The Copper & Blue Jul 1, 2016

Oilers Sign Milan Lucic

It's a long one.

The Montreal Canadiens offered more than the $42 million the Edmonton Oilers will pay Milan Lucic

The Canadiens didn't end up landing Lucic, but they came very close. Reports of the Montreal Canadiens being very interested in Milan Luci came out yesterday, and it turns out those reports were true. Whle the team didn't end up landing the former rival from the intense Habs-Bruins rivals in previous years, news came out after he'd signed with the Edmonton Oilers that the Canadiens were his second choice, and Montreal offered move money than the seven-year, $42 million deal he ended up signing. Le #CH a offert plus de $ à Milan Lucic que les Oilers, selon @renlavoietva. Lucic a signé un...
Winging It In Motown Jul 1, 2016

Reacting to newest Red Wing Frans Nielsen

Okay, so it’s a done deal. Frans Nielsen is a Red Wing for the next six years. The contract is a tough pill to swallow for most fans. He’s 32, turning 33 in April. It’s a very “Red Wings” type of move, but I’m here to try my best and talk you away from the cliff. To be clear - I can’t justify six years for a 32-year-old center. Players at that age don’t typically get better. So yes, that’s ugly. I would have happily taken less term with more AAV, but the team had other plans. The team needed center depth, and Nielsen has proven to be a solid second-line guy. Of course,...
Silver Seven Jul 1, 2016

Senators Sign Michael Kostka

The Ottawa Senators have signed defenseman Michael Kostka to a one-year, two way contract. Pierre Dorion and the Ottawa Senators aren't likely to make a big splash today in the midst of the Free Agent Frenzy, but they begin the day signing one of their own. Defenseman Michael Kostka has been signed to a one-year two way contract. News Release: #Sens sign defenceman Michael Kostka on a one-year, two-way contract: https://t.co/twziy8uF2X — Ottawa Senators (@Senators) July 1, 2016 Don't expect Kostka to be that seventh defender on the Senators blue line this season, but it is a depth...

Milan Lucic sentenced to 7 years with Edmonton Oilers

Milan Lucic has joined the Edmonton Oilers, per Nick Kypreos: 7 years 42m. Lucic to @EdmontonOilers — Nick Kypreos (@RealKyper) July 1, 2016 Good luck in Edmonton, I guess, Milan. Try not to freeze to death up there. 6 million per year is actually not as much as I thought it’d be for him. Peter Chiarelli remains the only GM to sign him to deals. COLLUSION MUCH?

Twitter reacts to Edmonton Oilers signing Milan Lucic: "Chiarelli can keep his job."

The Edmonton Oilers have signed free agent Milan Lucic. Twitter has exploded. Here are some of the reactions: Ryan Rishaug @TSNRyanRishaug: If Oilers land Lucic, gives them Lucic 6-3 230, Pouliot 6-3 200, Maroon 6-3 230, Pulj. 6-3. Add Larsson at 6-3 200. PC likes big bodies Joe McDonald @ESPNJoeyMac: Canadiens put in a huge […]

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