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Lighthouse Hockey Sep 15, 2014

League of Hate and Envy: Detroit Red Wings

Headhunting in HockeyTown? Players are skating, and NHL training camps are within sniffing distance. So we are warming up our emotional engines to conjure all the irrational excitement, hatred and other strongly worded feelings that accompany an eight-month devotion to watching men making billions playing a game. This is part of a quick game of considering our rivals, with love (er, envy), and hate. Object: The Red Wings Hate: I'm pretty sure Niklas Kronwall is Swedish for "Human Wrecking Ball." Kronwall is known for putting the entire force of his...
Winging It In Motown Sep 5, 2014
Quick Hits: Bertuzzi-Moore Case Settled

Quick Hits: Bertuzzi-Moore Case Settled

Red Wings News Red Wings outlook: Niklas Kronwall will continue to be team's workhorse on defense | MLive.comKronwall is only behind Datsyuk and Zetterberg in my book of the Wings' most valuable players. He brings a whole other dimension to our questionable defense. Do the Detroit Red Wings Need Daniel Alfredsson? | The Detroit Sports SiteFrom my point of view, as long as his contract is not outrageous, re-signing Alfredsson is only a positive. He brings a lot to the team, and he is still good enough to play, based off of what we saw last season. If he wants to play another season, sign...

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