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Roenick sees big things for Kane, Toews

Former Chicago Blackhawks star Jeremy Roenick remembers what it felt like to sign his first long-term deal. The pressure melted away, the sense of anxiety about contract negotiations dissipated and Roenick was allowed to channel all his energy onto the ice. He suspects current Hawks superstars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who inked matching eight-year, $84 million deals this summer, will experience the same. If that’s the case, watch out.

Kane wins title, MVP in hometown league

Patrick Kane has a knack for scoring clutch playoff goals regardless of the jersey he's wearing. The Chicago Blackhawks star and Buffalo native led Milli Vanilli to the Fattey Hockey League title by scoring five of his team's 10 goals in back-to-back wins in a best-of-3 series in his hometown earlier this week. He was named the championship MVP. "It's basically the best Buffalo players," Nik Fattey, the league's founder and a Buffalo Sabres scout, explained of the league in a phone interview on Thursday.
Second City Hockey Aug 13, 2014
Staff Report Cards : Patrick Kane

Staff Report Cards : Patrick Kane

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Love of game still drives Hawks' Kane

CRESTWOOD, Ill. -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane is already an NHL veteran after seven seasons and he will soon enter his late 20s, but being around hockey still has a way of making him feel like a kid. Kane especially felt that way Monday as he, along with Gatorade, unveiled a renovated locker room at Southwest Ice Arena in Crestwood, Ill. to 13- and 14-year-old players on the St. Jude Knights. “I think the main thing for me is to come back and see the kids’ faces and see how excited they are,” Kane said.

Patrick Kane 'woos' and chews in new Gatorade commercial

Patrick Kane is in good company in Gatorade’s new commercial for Gatorade Recover protein bars.
Chicago Tribune Jul 28, 2014

Patrick Kane 'woos' and chews in new Gatorade commercial

Patrick Kane is in good company in Gatorade’s new commercial for Gatorade Recover protein bars.

Schmaltz leaves strong first impression

CHICAGO -- Nick Schmaltz may just be a future linemate for Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane with the Chicago Blackhawks. Schmaltz is only 18 years old and heading into his freshman year at North Dakota, so he won’t be joining the duo anytime soon. But with Kane and Toews signing their eight-year extensions and Schmaltz showing off some rare offensive ability at the Blackhawks prospect camp last week, it’s not a complete reach to envision Schmaltz complementing one of their lines down the line.

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