10:17 AM EDT, Sat August 30, 2014
Bernie: Blues alums honor Demitra

Bernie: Blues alums honor Demitra

Led by Kelly Chase, a delegation of St. Louis Blues alums traveled to Slovakia this week to honor the memory of their late teammate.
St. Louis Game Time Aug 21, 2014

Thursday Links - Doctoring the TARDIS

Blues logo #3. Pavol. Love/Hate. Power Rankings. Draft lottery tweak. Disappointing Canadiens? Lawsuits. Kevin Hayes again. Simpsons marathon plan. Born in flight? And something dumb. Thursday. CLICKY CLICKY. BLUES NEWS: A follow-up to adroq's link from yesterday. . . THN named the Blues number three in their logo contest. This means ahead of the Blues are the Blackhawks (bleh) and . . . the fucking Coyotes? WHAT?! [The Hockey News] A Blues delegation has arrived in Slovakia to raise funds for the Demitra fund, in honor of their old pal Pavol Demitra. [SLGT FanShots] Our pal Sarah...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 7, 2014

Thursday Links - Back! To the Future.

Pavol. Fuck Detroit. Ten most improved. Outdoor hockey in buildings new AND old. Ekblad concussed? Disappointing Bruins. USA HHoF. Brandon Sutter. College football is weird. Insurance companies are dicks. Fat QB's. And Back to the Future! Thursday. Summer sucks for a hockey fan, so we're gonna liven things up a little today. BLUES NEWS: A Slovakian filmmaker will release a documentary on Pavol Demitra on September 7th, the exact three-year anniversary of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane disaster in which Demitra perished. [SLGT] KNOW YOUR ENEMY--THE DETROIT RED WINGS: Fuck Detroit. That's...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 6, 2014

Pavol Demitra Honored With Slovak Documentary

The Slovakian national hero and former beloved Blue will have his life remembered in film. Slovakian filmmaker Daniel Dangl wanted to take a break from stand-up comedy films. He chose a sobering subject. On September 7, 2011, the plane carrying nearly the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team crashed on take off on its way to Minsk to begin the KHL season. The tragic accident was given the Smithsonian Channel documentary treatment (which will only serve to infuriate you if you watch even just the clip on the website), but Dangl's documentary, Pavol Demitra: 38 looks to be a much more emotional...

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