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Behind Enemy Lines: New Faces in New Places, the Metropolitan Division's Offseason

Phil is in the Metro? Quick, someone buy a hot dog costume. I do one of these every offseason and I figured it was time to get this up on the blog so we can all hopefully stop talking about Tanner Glass for a few days (please, pretty please). Here is a quick look at all of the noteworthy (and some not at all noteworthy) roster changes in the Metropolitan Division. The 2015 offseason saw some fireworks go off in regards to moves made within the Metropolitan Division including Phil Kessel becoming a Pittsburgh Penguin, T.J. Oshie joining the Caps, and Brandon Saad joining the young Columbus...
PensBurgh Jul 31, 2015

Pensburgh celebrates Phil Kessel 7/31

Another week ending in the summer, another chance to catch Phil Friday at Pensburgh. Welcome to the best day of the week: Friday. Phil Friday Catch up on your previous Phil Fridays: The first (7/3) Second on 7/10 Last Week 7/17 And here we go! Kessel highlights the Pens changes Really great article by Stephen Whyno yesterday. The best portion: Last season Pittsburgh dressed 24 different forwards because of injuries and trades. Many were far from productive, leaving Crosby and Malkin to shoulder the bulk of the offensive load. On opening night the Penguins could feature a top nine of...
PensBurgh Jul 24, 2015

Phil Friday: July 24 2015

Phil Friday at Pensburgh! Everyone loves Friday, because it means it's Phil time at Pensburgh. Previous Phil Fridays: Inaugural Last week Here we go! National Hot Dog day was yesterday NHL star admits to liking to eat hot dogs before games. We're talking Phil Kessel, right? Nope. Try Wayne Gretzky. I bet the Toronto media probably would have tried to run the Great One out of town too. Wayne Gretzky Invented The Phil Kessel Hot Dog Diet http://t.co/g8krIybGSo pic.twitter.com/KnBBpnYonD — Chief (@BarstoolChief) July 22, 2015 Youtube of the week That time Kessel beat Tyler Seguin...
PensBurgh Jul 17, 2015

Phil Fridays

A weekly compilation of the best GIFs, Photoshops, Vines, etc. to get us ready and excited for the season coming with Phil Kessel as a part of it We asked for help, and you answered. Kessel 2016? Kessel vs. John Scott Kessel vs. Smelling Salts Some Original Kessel Artwork LHH's Satirical Take on Kessel Kessel vs. Water Bottle WIIM's "What Does Phil Kessel Do for a Living" Kessel vs. Exercise Bike We'll see you next week for more elite Kessel content! (Special thanks to Ann, Bobbles412, Adam, Natasha, Pete Blackburn, and Le Pac for sending some...
PensBurgh Jul 13, 2015

An analysis of Phil Kessel's advanced stats

Digging deep into Phil Kessel's advanced stats and time with Toronto (Ed note: got this great piece from Anomandaris84, I helped him format the charts to this site, the work and all credit for the rest goes to him!) ** Following the Kessel trade I decided to take a look at some numbers to try and find out, whether looking at shot data I can find any support for his reputation of being lazy and/or simply terrible defensively. Before I get into it, let me add a little disclaimer: Disclaimer: This post has gotten pretty long and there's more data I could've looked at. Also, there are a lot of...
PensBurgh Jul 10, 2015

Get your Phil Ph-riday

A new feature for the rest of the summer: Phil Ph-ridays celebrating the Pittsburgh Penguins new winger It's summer, it's fun, and not much is happening, so now a new weekly summer feature on Friday to help tide us through the hot months...Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Phil Ph-ridays at Pensburgh, celebrating and getting to know the joy that is Phil Kessel. YOUTUBE All of the goals Kessel scored in 2014-15. Other than the epic music what I like is to see that there's basically 4 types of goals he scores: The simple "find a loose puck near the net and bury it". Like most great goal...
Toronto Sun Jul 7, 2015
Leafs prospect Kapanen outdoes Kessel already

Leafs prospect Kapanen outdoes Kessel already

Kasperi Kapanen has already bettered one of Phil Kessel’s Maple Leafs streaks.
Silver Seven Jul 7, 2015

Silver Nuggets: Kessel, Simmons, and Media Influence

The media have the power to influence a lot of people -- which can often be a bad thing. Also, a look at your recent Sens links. If you don't know who Steve Simmons is, consider yourself lucky. Do yourself a favour, and don't Google him or read anything he's written. He's a "journalist" for the Toronto Sun, covering the Toronto Maple Leafs. Think of him as Don Brennan, only with more personal vendettas (vendettae?) and less concern for the truth. Simmons wrote an article that went huge last week after the Phil Kessel trade. The article was way off-base and full of fat-shaming, and boiled...
Lighthouse Hockey Jul 7, 2015

Zeitgeist: Traded NHL stars spend summer recovering from backstabbing injuries

Hamilton, Kessel and Oshie all get shived and stitched. Kessel finds comfort in new bratwurst stand. A trio of recently traded NHL stars will spend their summer recovering from injuries they accrued while being stabbed in the back as they were shipped out of town. Penguins winger Phil Kessel, Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton and Capitals winger T.J. Oshie are all expected to be ready for training camp with their new teams after extensive surgeries to repair multiple cuts, slashes and lacerations caused from being knifed in the back on their way out their respective doors. "I didn't...
Beaver County Times Jul 5, 2015
Mueller: Pens' trade for Kessel ups the pressure, intrigue

Mueller: Pens' trade for Kessel ups the pressure, intrigue

With Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Phil Kessel, Kris Letang and Marc-Andre Fleury, it’s fair to suggest that no team will dress more top end talent to start the 2015-16 season than the Penguins. That

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