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PensBurgh Jul 22, 2016

Here's Phil Kessel's grandma chugging from the Stanley Cup

The thing you didn't realize you needed to see until you knew it existed. Phil Kessel's grandma is an inspiration to us all. Phil Kessel's grandma is what we should all hope to be when we grow up. Her grandson won the Stanley Cup. They had a family party. And grandma got to chug. Granny Kessel sipping (or chugging?) champagne from #stanleycup #pittsburghpenguins #freakingawesome @phil_kessel_81_ A video posted by Kari (@karikessel) on Jul 20, 2016 at 7:15am PDT Kessels confirmed for best family ever? When we look at just who they came from, it's obviously not a surprise now. Phil...
Toronto Sun Jul 18, 2016
Phil Kessel brings Stanley Cup to Toronto

Phil Kessel brings Stanley Cup to Toronto

Former Maple Leaf Phil Kessel was in Toronto Monday with a special friend - the Stanley Cup.
Pension Plan Puppets Jul 18, 2016

Phil Kessel brings Stanley Cup to Toronto, Sick Kids Hospital; remains the best

Nice guy, tries hard, loves the game. Emphasis on "nice guy". Phil Kessel gets a little bit of extra time with the Stanley Cup he helped the Pittsburgh Penguins win. He spent his first day in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin; then, he decided to bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto. The celebrations in Toronto aren't open to the public - but some old friends have come in for the good times. See you soon @phil_kessel_81_ A photo posted by Dion Phaneuf (@dion_phaneuf3) on Jul 18, 2016 at 9:14am PDT So many former Toronto Maple Leafs... Most importantly, though? Kessel spent his...
PensBurgh Jul 18, 2016

Phil Kessel brings Stanley Cup to a children's hospital in Toronto

He's just the best With his hand still wrapped up from a recent surgery, Phil Kessel brought the Stanley Cup to a children's hospital in Toronto today. SickKids was buzzing with #StanleyCup fever today! Thx for visiting our patients & families @PKessel81 #NHL pic.twitter.com/OMySknGsW3 — SickKids_TheHospital (@SickKidsNews) July 18, 2016 No public events were planned with the Cup in Toronto, but nice to see him make some time for a nice cause. **** Most of the hockey world is buzzing, well as much as the hockey world can buzz in the middle of July anyways, about comments a former...
PensBurgh Jul 18, 2016

Phil Kessel's days with the Stanley Cup: Kessels, Wisconsin, hospitals, and Toronto

He's more than earned all this time with it! Phil Kessel is awesome and everybody loves him. Anybody who does not love him does not count in any way, shape, or form; they are to be ignored and shunned. Especially when it's Kessel's time with the Stanley Cup. These days are all about him, and the friends and family who have helped him get where he is. So of course, there was cake. A very big, beautiful cake. What an awesome #stanleycup cake! Tasted great as well. @penguins @NHL @HockeyHallFame pic.twitter.com/QeXNb6bs3h — Philip Pritchard (@keeperofthecup) July 17, 2016 And hello -...
The Cannon Jul 13, 2016

Avoiding the consensus top pick has worked in the past for the Jackets

In 2016 the Jackets didn’t make the consensus pick. They didn’t do it in 2010 either, and that worked out OK. For the Blue Jackets, the 2009-2010, like so many others, was abysmal. The team finished 14th in the Western Conference with 79 points, ahead of only the absolutely woeful Edmonton Oilers, who finished with just 62 points. There was no change to the draft order when the lottery took place in April, 2010. Edmonton was to pick first, with the Bruins picking second (with the Leafs pick, thanks to the Phil Kessel trade), the Panthers picking third and the Jackets scheduled to make...
PensBurgh Jul 12, 2016

2015-16 Pensburgh Recap: Phil Kessel

Fireworks are in order, because we get to recap the season of Phil the Thrill. Age and Contract Status 28 (October 2, 1987). Signed through the 2021-22 season. Toronto is retaining 15 percent of his salary, making Pittsburgh’s cap hit $6.8 million. Pre-Season Expectations Getting a five-time 30-goal scorer, the best winger the Pens have had since Marian Hossa, came with sky-high expectations. All kinds of numbers were thrown around. 40 goals. 50 goals. 55 goals. Kessel scored at a ridiculous with Tyler Bozak as his center, so nothing seemed impossible when picturing Kessel skating to the...

Kessel hand injury ‘was something he dealt with all season,’ says Rutherford

Had a solid regular season plus playoffs, despite the injury.
PensBurgh Jul 9, 2016

Phil Kessel sustained hand injury in round 1 of the playoffs, had surgery

So he was playing through an injury the entire time. The Pittsburgh Penguins' 2016 Stanley Cup win wouldn't have happened without Phil Kessel. The Pens made a statement when they acquired him last off-season, and that statement rang through loud and clear. Sure, there may have been some criticism throughout the regular season, even though he ended up with 59 points as the Penguins' third-highest scorer. But the playoffs were another animal all together. Kessel led the Penguins in scoring with 10 goals and 22 points through 24 playoff games. And apparently, he did almost all of it while...
Penguins' Kessel undergoes hand surgery

Penguins' Kessel undergoes hand surgery

Penguins right winger Phil Kessel underwent surgery for a hand injury Friday and is expected to make a full recovery for the 2016-17 season.
Pension Plan Puppets Jul 1, 2016

The Kessel trade: One year later

The day the rebuild began It’s been one year since the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Phil Kessel to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The move truly signaled the rebuild of the Toronto Maple Leafs has begun and the new regimes first significant roster decision was made. To Pittsburgh: Phil Kessel, Tyler Biggs, Tim Erixon, and a 2016 2nd round pick To Toronto: Nick Spaling, Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, 2016 1st round pick, 2016 3rd round pick. Toronto retains $1.2 million of Kessel salary for the duration of the contract. There was much ink, both real and virtual, spilled about the details...
PensBurgh Jun 30, 2016

Phil's bringing the Cup to Toronto, Beau bids farewell to Pens fans

News and notes, odds and ends from around the Pittsburgh Penguins on June 30th, 2016. It's free agent eve, and though the Penguins aren't expected to do too much tomorrow, there's a couple interesting things floating around so why not pair it all together for a little summer afternoon article. PHIL BRINGS STANLEY CUP TO TORONTO Phil Kessel has officially chosen to host his day with the Stanley Cup in Toronto next month. The city remains his second home. — Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) June 30, 2016 Like 14-16 months ago, Maple Leafs fans could have only imagined this headline being...
With NHL free-agent market set to open, don't expect anything like Kessel deal

With NHL free-agent market set to open, don't expect anything like Kessel deal

The Penguins traded for Phil Kessel, an elite goal-scorer in the prime of his career, a year ago Friday.
Pension Plan Puppets Jun 30, 2016

Phil Kessel bringing the cup home to Toronto

He still loves the city, wants top share his special day with us all. As Phil mentioned on Sportsnet590 after the Penguins won the Stanley Cup about the possibility of doing so, Chris Johnston from Sportsnet has confirmed that yes, Phil will host his day with the cup here in Toronto. Phil Kessel has officially chosen to host his day with the Stanley Cup in Toronto next month. The city remains his second home. — Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) June 30, 2016 This is a great gesture, confirming Phil’s love of the city he grew up as a player in. What a city...
Pension Plan Puppets Jun 28, 2016

There is a Phil Kessel shrine in Jamaica

Just one more reason to go there. We all agree that Phil Kessel is the best, right? Okay, good. Just checking. Because far be it for us to disagree with a shrine set up in Jamaica. One that's got all of the Phil Kessel goodness you can ask for - and only representing the Toronto Maple Leafs. Knowledge of the shrine comes to us from Reddit user cory7321, who is, obviously, an extremely good person to have shared this extremely vital information with us. View post on imgur.com Okay, so it may not be entirely about Kessel - there's a fair share of generic Leafs whatevers in there - but...

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