12:38 AM EDT, Sat August 27, 2016
PensBurgh Aug 20, 2016

Bill Burr's Podcast: He just wanted to see Phil Kessel lift the Stanley Cup

"Phil Kessel looks like he works with wood." Remember how you felt when the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup? Pretty awesome, right? Right. Definitely. It was an event a ton of people were watching. Any time the Stanley Cup might make an appearance out on the ice, hockey fans are going to tune in - including comedian Bill Burr, in his podcast filled with very NSFW language. Burr is from Massachusetts, so of course he's a Boston Bruins fan, but he harbors no real ill will towards the Penguins for their success. In fact, he was pretty excited about the Pens' win - because of former...
PensBurgh Aug 1, 2016

2015-16 Pensburgh Recap: Sidney Crosby

The captain's roller coaster season mirrored fortunes of the team with a frustrating start, followed by a red hot finish culminating in the glory of the Stanley Cup Age and Contract Status Age: The kid is a kid no longer, turning 29 years old next week with his famous 8/7/87 birthday. Luckily the Penguins have Crosby locked up contract wise for the next 9 seasons through the 2024-25 season at what else but an $8.7 salary cap hit. Preseason Expectations As usual, expectations were sky-high for Crosby to rack up a bunch of points after the summer 2015 trade to bring Phil Kessel to the...
PensBurgh Jul 28, 2016

Phil Kessel gets the Celine Dion treatment, and it's the most beautiful thing ever

You'rrreeee heeeeerreee, there's noooothing I feeeaaarrr... There's no question that Phil Kessel is the man of the people. After how things ended for him in Toronto, pretty much everyone was rooting for him to win the Stanley Cup. He's just so loveable to pretty much everyone with a soul, on all facets. He's just a nice guy who tries hard and loves the game. So seeing him hoist the Cup above his head - all after leading the Penguins in scoring throughout the playoffs, and nearly winning a Conn Smythe - was as cathartic a moment as any. One that has now been set to Celine Dion's...