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If You're The New York Rangers You Need Rick Nash

If You're The New York Rangers You Need Rick Nash

The Rangers need Rick Nash. This isn't a debate. Let's get this out of the way at the top: Rick Nash is an elite hockey player. If you're about to rush into the comments section to disagree with me, save it. I'm not in the mood for a debate about this because there really isn't a debate to be had. Since 2008 Nash has a scored 0.43 goals per game. That's 10th best in the NHL over that span. At the top of the list are names like Alexander Ovechkin (0.60), Steven Stamkos (0.57) and Sidney Crosby (0.52). Other notable names are Evgeni Malkin (0.45), Phil Kessel (0.44) and Marian Gaborik...
Blueshirt Banter Jul 15, 2014

Rick Nash's report card; What Carmelo Anthony taught us about Ryan O'Reilly

Today's New York Rangers notes. Got some links for ya. Some New York Rangers links for ya. Here are your (very brief) morning notes. We're down to our final seven report cards. On Monday, we graded Rick Nash's season, in which we also tried to remind everyone he's pretty good at hockey, and probably not going anywhere. [Blueshirt Banter] Ryan O'Reilly and the Colorado Avalanche may be headed toward a messy divorce. And while O'Reilly will garner a ton of attention across the league if he is made available, Carmelo Anthony may have given a glimpse into why pursuing O'Reilly may be a bad...
Blueshirt Banter Jul 14, 2014

2014 Report Card: Rick Nash is still a dynamic, top offensive talent

The Rangers top offensive player was up to his old tricks this past season after an early injury scare. Few faces in the Rangers organization are as polarizing as Rick Nash. After being acquired by New York in the summer of 2012, Nash has gone from savior, to playoff dud, and everything in between. In reality, Nash is still the Rangers best forward, and one of the more dynamic offensive talents in all of hockey. Let's explore a bit deeper. Early concussion, then lots of goals Evaluating Rick Nash can be simplified to this split: When he's on the ice, he's effective, and when he's not, he...
Rotoworld Jul 13, 2014

Rick Nash won't be traded by Rangers: Writer - Rick Nash (W) New York Rangers

After Rick Nash scored a mere three goals in the recent post-season, there's been plenty of speculation that the New York Rangers would try to trade the highly paid, high-profile right winger.
New York Post Jul 12, 2014

Rick Nash is not leaving the Garden

If I had a nickel for every conversation with an NHL front office executive or agent this summer that included the phrase, “The Rangers need to trade Nash,” I would...

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