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Artic Ice Hockey Jul 15, 2014

FlightZone: Jim Nill>Kevin Cheveldayoff

Jim Nill is a master GM and Chevy is a master of saying nothing in a million words. Travis talked to Defending Big D about Evander Kane and the Jets. Jim Nill is making Chevy look bad. Is Kane part of the future of the Winnipeg Jets? So glad the Washington Capitals are all on the same page about adding Brooks Orpik. Which one of Martin Brodeur's records is Roberto Luongo closing in on? The San Jose Sharks are trying to have the worst offseason ever. How are the Vancouver Canucks going to replace Ryan Kesler? With a committee of players probably. When the Maple Leafs turn 100 they...
Vancouver Sun Jul 9, 2014
Ex-Canucks star Ryan Kesler dons a Anaheim Ducks uniform

Ex-Canucks star Ryan Kesler dons a Anaheim Ducks uniform

We knew it was eventually going to happen following his trade to the Anaheim Ducks on June 27. Teams tend to give their new players jerseys. It's part of the deal. But … it still looks weird to see Ryan Kesler in a Ducks jersey.
Anaheim Calling Jul 5, 2014

Puck Polemics: On The Stoner Signing

There has been much haranguing of the Clayton Stoner signing. While the numbers aren't great, for argument's sake some context is necessary. You've seen the reactions. Fans that sang the praises of Anaheim's General Manager of the Year-winning Bob Murray for acquiring Ryan Kesler from Vancouver immediately reverted to criticism. Wails that the Ducks have signed an 'anchor defenseman' that is surely "Bryan Allen 2.0". Complaints about Corsis, frustrations over Fenwicks, and in general incredulity at the acquisition of defenseman Clayton Stoner. When the signing was announced on the first...
The Province Jul 2, 2014
Botchford: Nice work Jim, but playoffs still a long-shot for Canucks

Botchford: Nice work Jim, but playoffs still a long-shot for Canucks

Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning has been gutsy and decisive. He cut the Ryan Kesler melodrama off at the knees, probably because he knew it was far worse than anyone else did.
Anaheim Calling Jul 2, 2014

The Ducks and Free Agency

The Ducks had a quiet free agency day, except for one controversial signing. The Ducks have had an interesting few days. Right before the draft, Murray made what was arguably the best trade of his tenure as the Ducks GM, giving up an underused Luca Sbisa, a liked but perhaps necessary sacrifice in Nick Bonino, and the 24th overall pick for the 2C he's been chasing sine he took over this job: Ryan Kesler. The Ducks continued the center acquisitions by picking up Nate Thompson from the Lightning. Nate had his first positive Corsi season despite only starting 45% of his shifts in the...
The Province Jul 1, 2014
Kuzma: List of available scorers is dwindling for Canucks

Kuzma: List of available scorers is dwindling for Canucks

In an exchange near the end of what he would describe as a painful season, Ryan Kesler said it wasn’t about coaching in Vancouver. It was about skill. A lack of offensive support was why the centre waived his no-trade clause, was dangled at the trade deadline and finally moved to the Anaheim Ducks on Friday.
Anaheim Calling Jul 1, 2014

Kid's Thinky Ish

Some thoughts from your best buddy, Kid Ish. I thought them over the weekend! Ryan Kesler The Kesler trade adds another dynamic to the team beyond what is immediately obvious to many people. Kesler is very good, consistently so, at taking and winning faceoffs. While that may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it makes quite a bit of difference against select opponents in, say, a seven-game series. Specific to this thought is offensive zone faceoffs. Boudreau has always instructed his wingers to forecheck against the breakout if the faceoff is lost in the OZ. The inside...
Defending Big D Jul 1, 2014

Dallas Stars Daily Links: NHL Free Agency Begins Today

In which it's open season on free agents... All this waiting while the rumors circulate. He will be traded, he won't be traded, he should be drafted, he shouldn't be drafted, where will so-and-so end up, and if not there, why not here? There was the Ryan Kesler trade to keep us entertained before the Draft, the Draft itself, and a few noteworthy buyouts and failed contract negotiations. All leading up to this... I envision a Looney Tunes style cloud of smoke and flying debris as free agency finally begins. So... Who exactly is available? Shall we break it down? Here we've got the Top...
Pension Plan Puppets Jun 30, 2014
[Monday's Leafs Links] Things Are Happening!

[Monday's Leafs Links] Things Are Happening!

A wild batch of trades keeps us on our toes. The NHL's lower-than-expected 2014-15 salary cap isn't putting too much of a damper on player movement, these days. There weren't many deals to go down at the draft, but those that did were of considerable size, as star players Ryan Kesler and James Neal were both traded. Carl Gunnarsson of course, was on his way out on the second day of the draft, as well. The nuttyness continued yesterday as we learned that Christian Ehrhoff would be bought out, Sam Gagner was traded -- twice -- only to see another familiar name in Ed Jovanovski get bought out....
Vancouver Sun Jun 29, 2014
Nothing certain, everything possible for Canucks

Nothing certain, everything possible for Canucks

PHILADELPHIA - Having solved their Ryan Kesler migraine under new management, the Vancouver Canucks felt on such a roll Saturday that their batch of draft picks included a top-rated American goalie who may need surgery on both hips, a Russian defenceman the size of a Russian bear, and a Canadian blue-liner who was born deaf and didn’t start hockey until age 12.
Anaheim Calling Jun 29, 2014

Podcast: All Bob Murray, All the Time

KESLERRRRRRRR!!!! Plus draft recap, plus looking at needs for the rest of the Summer. Click here to download… [Note: Due to processing time, out of our control, the podcast probably won't be available on iTunes until tomorrow morning] On this week's show: Recorded Monday, June 28, 2014 - The Magical Ryan Kesler Trade - Fixing the Ducks defense through free agency/trade (Matt Niskanen? Dan Boyle?  Willie Mitchell?  Derek Morris?) - Draft Recap, with a side track for Hockey Fashion - Pretty much all in praise of Bob Murray and how far he's come since taking over a bit of a mess from...
The Province Jun 28, 2014
Kuzma: Nick Bonino as happy to arrive in Vancouver as Kesler is to leave

Kuzma: Nick Bonino as happy to arrive in Vancouver as Kesler is to leave

[DESK: Takes mug. Thanks] Ryan Kesler called last season painful and knew it was time for change. Nick Bonino is calling next season hopeful and knows versatility is his calling card.
The Province Jun 28, 2014
Sbisa says we haven’t seen his best yet

Sbisa says we haven’t seen his best yet

Luca Sbisa is a hard guy to gauge. The Italian-born, Swiss-raised defenceman, part of the package the Vancouver Canucks received from the Anaheim Ducks for Ryan Kesler, is onto his third NHL organization.

Lamoriello felt UFA interview period was a draft “distraction”; Happy with six players Devils took

Calling the ongoing free agent interview period “a distraction”, Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello believes most teams spent the last two days focusing mostly on the NHL Entry Draft in Philadelphia. That’s why Lamoriello was “not really” surprised that there weren’t more trades of significance after the early ones of Ryan Kesler (to Anaheim) and James Neal (to Nashville). “I think if there was anything that was going to happen in trades it was going to go right away because this has been a very peculiar week as far as free agency, the draft and then signings of your own...
Rotoworld Jun 28, 2014

Ryan Kesler eager to start new life as a Duck - Ryan Kesler (C) Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Kesler, who was acquired in a trade by the Ducks from the Canucks hours ahead of Friday night's NHL Entry Draft, spent all 10 years of his NHL career with Vancouver but is excited about going to Anaheim.

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