12:56 PM EDT, Wed May 25, 2016

Boudreau throws out first pitch at Twins game; plans meeting with Parise, Suter

The Wild coach is back in town for pro meetings and plans to meet Friday with Zach Parise and Ryan Suter
Hockey Wilderness May 13, 2016

Ryan Suter: Better than advertised

Good Morning Ryan Suter! Come on in and take a seat. Let's go over your season and take a look at how we might improve on what you were able to accomplish this year. Now we both know you drew your fair amount of criticism from the fanbase this year, and we both understand that a lot of that stems from the fact we signed you to a 13-year, 98 million dollar contract. It's a  passionate fanbase, and they have some grand expectations for you. Nobody is perfect, but lets take a look at what all the criticism is all about. It's really tough to understand what anyone is talking about when we...

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