3:34 PM EST, Mon March 02, 2015
Five For Howling Feb 19, 2015

Sam Gagner's production relative to NHL forwards

How is Sam Gagner performing for the Arizona Coyotes compared to his league counterparts? The Arizona Coyotes have forced many an NHL forward to play on a line above their usual position due to difficulty producing points. Antoine Vermette has been the #1 center despite being far more suited for the #2 role. Similarly, Sam Gagner is a reliable offensive piece being used for dramatically more than his production totals suggest he ought to be. For starters. let's take a look at his HERO Chart, courtesy of Dominic Galamini. The HERO chart, in a nutshell, takes typical measurements of...
Rotoworld Feb 10, 2015

Sam Gagner finally reaches double digits - Sam Gagner (W) Arizona Coyotes

Sam Gagner was the lone goal scorer for Arizona in Tuesday's 2-1 loss to the Blues.

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