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Sidney Crosby has the most popular jersey in the NHL

What else would you expect from the best player in the world? Is there a jersey more beautiful than the Pittsburgh Penguins' traditional black and gold? Not really, no. And considering some of the names they get to have on the backs of them, it's no wonder sales should be popular. None more popular than Sidney Crosby, apparently: he who is selling the most jerseys out of everybody in the NHL. Top 5 jersey sales in the NHL:1. S Crosby 2. A Ovechkin 3. P Kane4. V Taransenko5. Ja Benn — John Shannon (@JSportsnet) July 27, 2016 Crosby: he's better than everyone else's favorites. And...
PensBurgh Jul 24, 2016

Trevor Daley's day with the Stanley Cup

Sharing it with everyone: friends, family, the future, and a little bit of nostalgia, too. Trevor Daley became an unexpected darling of the Pittsburgh Penguins rather quickly. Unexpected in the sense that he didn't join the Pens until just after Mike Johnston was fired - right before their season did a quick upturn for the better. Oh, and the one-for-one deal that sent Rob Scuderi the other way. That just helped make it even more awesome as Daley blossomed, right up until he broke his ankle in the third round. But Daley was the second to touch the Cup after Sidney Crosby passed it to him,...
PensBurgh Jul 22, 2016

11 years ago today, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Sidney Crosby lottery

The start of a new era. The 2003-04 season didn't exactly go well for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Just 58 points through 82 games saw them with the worst record in the NHL; a team with no on-ice success facing relocation. The 2004-05 season didn't go well for anybody, because it was completely wiped out. This resulted in a league-wide draft lottery: one that, due to the Penguins' lacklustre years beforehand, saw them with pretty good odds of getting the first overall pick. The first overall pick. In the Sidney Crosby draft. Pretty much an instant franchise-changer. So as we celebrate the...
PensBurgh Jul 21, 2016

WATCH: Sidney Crosby brought the Stanley Cup to Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital

Crosby shared the Cup with a ton of people when he had it. Sidney Crosby had a busy couple of days with the Stanley Cup. He shared the Cup (and Conn Smythe) with the kids at his hockey school, and at Tim Horton's. He shared it with all of Cole Harbour. He also shared it with the veterans at Camp Hill, Nova Scotia's Veterans Memorial Hospital. As Gord Miller introduces at the start of the video: Crosby was at the children's hospital first, but wanted to share the Cup with the veterans, too. So he did just that - and in between playing games with the veterans, he took the time to share the...
PensBurgh Jul 16, 2016

Cole Harbour shows up big time for Sidney Crosby's Stanley Cup parade

Tens of thousands of people showed up! Sidney Crosby has already had the chance to hang out with the Stanley Cup. There's when he won it back in 2009, for the first time; then, there was the end to his annual hockey school. Oh, and at a Tim Horton's. That's just as important; can't get much more Canadian than that. But then, of course, he's Sidney Crosby. Cole Harbour boasts on its welcoming sign that it's his home. So there was a parade. The pride of Cole Harbour. pic.twitter.com/N9BjSLpEpA — Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) July 16, 2016 Sid arrives at Cole Harbour place with the...
Sidney Crosby: 'Still a guy from Cole Harbour'

Sidney Crosby: 'Still a guy from Cole Harbour'

COLE HARBOUR, Nova Scotia — When Nova Scotians talk about Sidney Crosby, the same phrases tend to come up.
PensBurgh Jul 16, 2016

Sidney Crosby went big on day 1 with the Stanley Cup

As if he'd go any other way. Remember when a much younger Sidney Crosby won the Stanley Cup for the first time? And we ended up with a picture of him cradling the Cup in his sleep? Yeah... there hasn't quite been time for sleep this time around. For one thing, Crosby had his hockey school going on. And the dates coincide so perfectly, of course there had to be a couple of special guests. Sidney Crosby's Hockey School just got even more exciting. pic.twitter.com/NYEEO2ddTp — Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) July 15, 2016 And this is Canada, so naturally, a trip to Tim Horton's was...
No rest for Sidney Crosby

No rest for Sidney Crosby

COLE HARBOUR, Nova Scotia — In most years, July would represent the heart of the offseason for Sidney Crosby. But winning the Stanley Cup throws that usual schedule out of whack.
PensBurgh Jul 11, 2016

Sidney Crosby's Hockey School is underway

Five days of learning hockey from Sid himself. That's gotta be awesome. It's that time of off-season again! Sidney Crosby has gone back home to Cole Harbour, and there, he's once again running his hockey school. Kids will come from all around to take part in the five-day hockey camp run by one of the world's very best players - and today is day one. The nice thing about this camp? Crosby actually does work pretty directly with the kids. Sidney Crosby doing drills with the young hockey players. This is the first day of 5 day camp. pic.twitter.com/RwWoSfa8b4 — Kelland Sundahl...
PensBurgh Jul 7, 2016

2015-16 Pensburgh Recap: Chris Kunitz

A season review of Chris Kunitz Continuing with our season recaps, today the focus is on the longtime sidekick and friend of Sidney Crosby, Chris Kunitz. Age and Contract Status Age: 36 (September 26, 1979). Will be a free agent on July 1, 2017. Contract carries an AAV of $3,850,000. Preseason Expectations Kunitz was expected, once again, to have a top-six role alongside Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby. With Mike Johnston (and eventually Mike Sullivan) at the helm of the team, Kunitz was still expected to perform his signature style of play: get in the dirty areas in front of the net to...

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