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Habs Eyes On The Prize Sep 16, 2014
2013-14 Canadiens Season Review: Max Pacioretty

2013-14 Canadiens Season Review: Max Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty evolved into one of the best goal scorers in the league last year, cementing his position among the elite players in the NHL. To say that Max Pacioretty was one of the better goal scorers in the league last year is a slight understatement. Only two players managed to produce a better goals-per-game ratio than Max Pacioretty last season; Alex Ovechkin and Steven Stamkos. Pacioretty's key to scoring a deluge of goals was his penchant for shooting. Despite missing eight games, Pacioretty managed to finish in the top ten in the league in terms of shots taken with a grand total...
Tampa Bay Times Sep 16, 2014

Video: Steven Stamkos converts from 91 yards

Lightning captain Steven Stamkos has scored many goals with his rocket one-timer. And in a promotional clip for Bauer, Stamkos' slap shot was put to an interesting test, challenging him to shoot a puck off a plastic mat through the uprights from several distances on a football field. How far was his longest "field goal?" Check it out.
Tampa Tribune Sep 16, 2014

Video: Watch Boltsand#x2019; Stamkos make 91-yard and#x2018;field goaland#x2019;

Lightning captain Steven Stamkos recently got a chance to take his blistering slapshot from the ice to the football field.
Lightning Shout Sep 12, 2014

Video: Watch Steven Stamkos Take The Field Goal Challenge

At what distance can Steven Stamkos put it through the uprights with the power of his #MX3 stick? Follow me on Twitter @LightningShout and please “like” LightningShout on Facebook. You can email us at Info@LightningShout.com. Send to Kindle
Pension Plan Puppets Sep 5, 2014
Overblown Speculation? O RLY?

Overblown Speculation? O RLY?

Links Stamkos Speculation May Have Been Overblown? Ya don't say? Of Elephants and Men Arctic Ice with an excellent parable to explain the thought process and dangers of the "seen him good" crowd. Five Keys to a Successful Oilers Season The Oilers really need to let Hall off the leash because man is he something special. Female Goalies, or the Shannon Szabados Effect The goalie re-upped with the SPHL Cottonmouths for a second season. Good stuff.
Rotoworld Sep 4, 2014

Steven Stamkos' leg is feeling stronger - Steve Stamkos (C) Tampa Bay Lightning

World class sniper Steven Stamkos said Thursday his injured right leg is feeling stronger than it was at the end of last season.
CSN Washington Sep 3, 2014

Caps Top-10 games: No.4: Stamkos, Bolts make rare visit

Ovechkin vs. Stamkos ranks among the top match ups at Verizon Center next season.

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